Be In pastel colours by Iris Ceramica  deliver a timeless romantic look

Be In pastel colours by Iris Ceramica deliver a timeless romantic look

May 2018

Iris Ceramica’s new collection brightens up walls with a bon-ton touch.  Be In, designed for covering walls, features well selected pastel colours for a timeless romantic look.

The colour options are white, grey, black, rose, turquoise, brown, and sea green: seven intense hues with the added touch of graduated effects.  These design, express all the beauty of craftsmanship with a craquelé look adding an exclusive touch to the design of each tile.

Offered in the modular 100 by 200mm format, Be In is animated by fluctuating reflections that brighten up its surfaces, adding a vintage touch and offering new creative inspiration for glamour.

The range can be used in a multitude of laying schemes to create new geometries, juxtaposing different colours and alternating decorations in original and highly creative compositions.

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