BAL Pourable One makes floor tiling easy

BAL Pourable One makes floor tiling easy

February 2020

BAL Pourable One floor tile adhesive is perfect for fixing natural stone and large format ceramics, porcelain and terrazzo.

One bag for all floor installations:  Like all the One range of BAL enhanced tile adhesives, BAL Pourable One is available as just a white adhesive – meaning that only one bag is needed – making it the perfect solution for floor tile installations of most tile types.

Suitable for internal or external use, and dry or wet environments, BAL Pourable One can be grouted in only three hours for fast track installations. Because it uses less water in the mix, it is recommended for stone and tiles that are water sensitive – such as limestone and marble.

It is also highly flexible, meaning it can be used on any installation, including underfloor and undertile heating, plus locations subject to limited movement and vibration, such as highly trafficked areas such as shopping centres, car showrooms, and airports.

Easy fixing:  BAL Pourable One has a smooth rheology, making it easy to mix in the bucket, easy to apply - by simply pouring it out onto the floor - and then smooth and easy to spread.

A pot life of 45 minutes before it goes off in the bucket allows plenty of time to fix and spread large mixes, to reduce both waste of materials, and speed up the installation time.

Because of its fluid formulation, as well as being trowelled easily, 100% coverage can be achieved without the need to back butter, giving fixers confidence of a solid bed - first time, every time - and saving on the timely and laborious need to check coverage beneath every tile.

Thixotropic in nature, BAL Pourable One holds its shape once tiles are laid, meaning you can add more adhesive under a tile to build it up without moving neighbouring tiles.  The adhesive ribs will maintain their shape and height until small movement and vibration is applied to the tile, with any excess adhesive being forced up through the grout joints and easily wiped away.

Save a purchase:  A key benefit of the product is its suitability to be used at 25mm bed depth in one application, making it ideal for patch repair and for use with uncalibrated stone or uneven floors.  BAL Pourable One can also be used similarly on uneven floor substrates up to 25mm depth (recommended maximum of ½m² areas) without the need for a separate leveller - meaning you can use just an adhesive and save on the leveller.

Billed as the perfect adhesive for floor tiling, BAL Pourable One makes the job of large format tiling easier and quicker.  BAL says that working smarter and faster means more pounds in the back pocket of the fixer.
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