BAL launches the first ready-to-use adhesive for fixing large format porcelain wall tiles

BAL launches the first ready-to-use adhesive for fixing large format porcelain wall tiles

October 2020

With large format porcelain wall tiles more popular than ever, BAL have now introduced the first ready-to-use adhesive for fixing large format porcelain wall tiles.

Available exclusively at Topps Tiles, BAL All Star provides a fast and easy-to-use solution for large format porcelain and ceramic wall tiles up to 600 by 600mm.

As BAL All Star is a ready-to-use product, you have peace of mind that your adhesive will have the perfect consistency every time, with no water mixing ratios to worry about.  Plus, as a fibre enhanced ready-to-use product, BAL All Star gives you a smooth, lightweight adhesive for easy and fast application – but equally, high-grab and excellent non-slip properties so you can tile quickly and easily with total confidence and perfect results without the need to batten out.  

Time to make tiling perfect
With BAL All Star you have plenty of time to work – with a 2-hour pot life in the bucket and 30 minutes to apply the tiles on the wall. This is particularly useful with large tiles which might need adjusting or require intricate cuts. It also makes installation times much faster as large areas can be covered without worry the adhesive will skin over.

Positively, unlike most ready-mixed adhesives, BAL All Star can also be grouted after just 16 hours when using ceramic tiles and after 24 hours with large format porcelain tiles.

Domestic or commercial
BAL All Star is perfect for fixing mosaics and large format ceramic and porcelain tiles.

Large format ceramic tiles can be used in dry or wet areas, for example on a tanked background, while large format porcelain tiles can be used in any dry environment.

In fact, with no powder and water mixing you can now install large format porcelain wall tiles without worrying about accessing water on-site and spending time weighing out specific water ratios, and without dust typical of mixing standard powder adhesives.

Because no water is needed, BAL All Star is perfect for site work where no water is available, or where fixers are working on upper floor levels away from materials, avoiding the need to carry bags of adhesives and pails of water around.

Homes and sites can be kept cleaner, with also better conditions for fixers health as BAL All Star will not produce the dust typical of mixing standard powder adhesives, which is especially beneficial in small areas.

Available now
So, what are you waiting for? – Try the new star for wall tiling now, available at Topps Tiles branches nationwide.

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