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Enjoy a Night in on the Tiles with the Spring-Summer Ted Baker Collection from British Ceramic Tile

British Ceramic Tile has extended its partnership with global lifestyle brand Ted Baker, introducing a standout new collection of tiles for 2017.

Featuring a stylish selection of Ted’s signature prints, each new range blends strong fashion influences with expert manufacturing techniques.  Who needs a night on the tiles, when you have all you need for entertaining at home?

A classic rococo pattern with a textured ceramic finish, Partridge offers four subtle designs, each ever so slightly different for an authentic, handmade feel.  Tactile to the touch, Partridge taps into the trend for encaustic-effect tiles, adding vintage styling and visual interest to design schemes. Available in cool shades of complementary grey, Partridge is equally at home on walls or floor: rustic charm personified.

Taking a tonal approach to Ted’s popular Paradise print, the new Paradise range celebrates the natural beauty of botanical prints. Each pack of eight ceramic tiles includes a random selection of designs, simply mix and match to create a unique patchwork effect on walls and floors.

Ted’s take on the jungle trend sweeping through interiors sees birds of paradise and foliage discreetly combined with a muted grey colour palette.

Some tiles even have the addition of a lustre effect to catch the light beautifully. Ted’s full of surprises, after all.

Fusing two complex production techniques with two of Ted’s own designs, the Geometric collection brings together print and texture for a celebratory take on Moroccan-inspired minimalism. Perfect for creating a classic look on walls or floors anywhere in the home, these ceramic tiles have a raised effect, delivering a tactile quality within a tonal grey colour palette. Run your design floor to ceiling and accessorise with bold choices to make a statement.

Designed to complement all the ranges within the Ted Baker collection, two plain concrete-effect tiles are now available in two subtly different shades of grey. Use to highlight patterns, create borders, or for a full minimal look, on walls or floors – wherever takes your fancy.

A trend-led selection of wall and floor tiles, the sTile collection blends British Ceramic Tile’s unique manufacturing heritage with Ted’s eye for detail and appreciation for a tile with style.

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Magnum Oversize by Florim changes the concept of continuity

Lightness, versatility, strength and extraordinary aesthetic appeal are said to be the main features that summarize the Magnum Oversize project designed by Florim.

These ultra-large ceramic slabs are slated to represent a real ceramic revolution, changing the concept of continuous surface, expanding the traditional parameters of integrated design and opening up new architecture perspectives.

Just 6mm thick, with a choice of nine extra-large formatss and different material inspirations, Magnum can be used in the new application areas to support the traditional floors and walls, thanks to the technical features of porcelain stoneware.

The extreme adaptability of the product, combined with a wide range of structures and surfaces, make this collection very versatile, and suitable for covering both commercial and residential spaces.

Floor Gres provides a portfolio of extra-large sizes, stone effects, neutral tones, black stone, design linearity: all with a minimal and essential approach.  The available formats are 1,600 by 3,200, 1,200 by 2,400, 600 by 1,200, 1,200 by 1,200, 1,600 by 1,600, 800 by 1,600 and 800 by 800mm; plus mosaics.  The finish options are naturale and polished, while the two available colours are black and white.

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Solus Ceramics launch authentic new slate-effect tile range

Solus Ceramics has launched a nature-inspired porcelain floor and wall tile range that faithfully represents the ancient form of slate.

Cosmology is made up of four distinctive neutral colours, ranging from a dark charcoal grey through to sandy beige.

All of the tiles within the Cosmology feature elements that mimic the look  of natural oxidisation, allowing the range to perfectly lend itself to interior projects where an authentic natural ambience is needed. 

Developed to meet the high demands of the UK specification market, the Cosmology range was designed specifically with the requirements of heavy traffic commercial projects in mind.

This extremely high slip resistance lends itself to many practical uses; meaning the range can be used in a huge array of applications from residential dwellings and busy commercial properties, through to spa and pool areas where the user may be barefoot.

A versatile range, Cosmology, is available in a wide array of sizes from a standard 300 by 600mm format all the way up to a much larger 600 by 1,200mm.
T: 0121 753 0777

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Keeping warm with Gaia’s underfloor heating systems

Gaia Climate Solutions provides two main types of underfloor heating systems; a water-based system (often referred to as hydronic or wet) and an electric system.

Water-based systems essentially use warm water from the central heating system and pump it through pipe circuits underneath the floor.  This type of heating uses water at a lower temperature than standard radiators which helps to reduce heating costs.

Electric systems feature a cable which is evenly spread across the floor and is concealed within the floor structure.  This is then linked to a thermostat and mains power supply.  With underfloor heating, heat rises steadily and ensures an even heat flow across the whole room with no overheating which ensures running costs are kept to a minimum.

Gaia’s underfloor heating systems are hidden under the floor allowing the consumer to utilise every square metre in their home as radiators no longer have to be considered.  Underfloor heating also requires a much lower surface temperature to heat a room; which is not only energy-efficient but also financially efficient.  Unlike traditional radiators, no dust or carbon particles are passed around the room therefore reducing house dust mites which is a major benefit to asthma sufferers.

Manufactured to the highest European standards, Gaia’s underfloor heating solutions all come with comprehensive warranties to give the consumer complete peace of mind.
T 01359 242 400

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One step closer to the sweet sound of silence

Schlüter-Systems has reported positive results of impact sound reduction tests on its latest innovative uncoupling membrane for crack-free tile and stone.

Schlüter-Ditra-Heat-TB has been renamed Schlüter-Ditra-Heat-Duo in recognition of the fact that the matting now offers two officially-verified features over its parent product Ditra-Heat: thermal breaking and impact sound reduction. The newly-confirmed impact sound reduction of up to 13dB is perceived as a 50% reduction by the human ear.

This new development brings the total tally of features offered by this product to seven, which together aid the construction process, protect the fabric of the building and improve privacy for occupants.  Ditra-Heat-Duo is a universal substrate for tile and stone coverings; as well as providing thermal breaking and impact sound reduction, it serves as a bonded waterproofing, uncoupling, crack bridging and vapour pressure equalisation layer.

The matting is also designed for the secure attachment of heating cables as an integral part of the no-nonsense electrical underfloor heating system, Schlüter-Ditra-Heat-E.

In terms of thermal break credentials, Ditra-Heat-Duo pushes 80% of its input to the surface during the heat-up phase, whereas alternative systems can lose up to half of the heat into the screed or subfloor.

Ditra-Heat-Duo consists of a polypropylene membrane with a cut back stud structure, with a unique 2mm anchoring fleece laminated on the underside. It can be installed on floors or walls as part of a complete Ditra-Heat-E system, for ultimate flexibility.
T: 01530 813396  W:

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Filigrane, designed by Philippe Nigro, sees Ceramiche Lea explore the beauty of texture

The Filigrane project by Lea Ceramiche investigates our perception of natural material compared to its imitation through reproduction on ceramic.

Filigrane plays with illusion, and uses the hi-tech of ceramic production, to create a neutral material; a surface for effects that is only possible with these new manufacturing technologies.

At the same time, by allowing the natural material effect to appear, the weave imposes an order, a direction, a sort of control of the material, but also provides depth due to the interposed duality of the natural texture and the geometric texture. Lea claims, with some justification, that this illusion is only possible with ceramic.

Filigrane Slimtech is an ultra-thin 5.5mm laminated porcelain panel offered in 3,000 by 1,000mm.

Filigrane was one of the novel products presented by Lea Ceramiche, together with Zucchetti. Kos, at the Factory – Material Land-scape exhibition, based on idea by Diego Grandi, at Milan Design Week 2017.

The new creations by Lea Ceramiche, were designed by Frederik De Wachter and Alberto Artesani of the duo DWA (XYZ), Luciano Giorgi (After MG) and Francesco Librizzi (Primavera); as well as Philippe Nigro (Filigrane).

This exhibition explored the synergy between products, research and design that Lea Ceramiche, part of Panariagroup, has followed through for nearly twenty years in the Modena ceramic district.

Refined decorations highlight the high performance of thin Slimtech slabs, the result of an innovative compacting technology for porcelain stoneware that has revolutionised the traditional production process and led to the development of unprecedented aesthetic and design solutions.