Vitromex invests in Sacmi technology to boost medium format offer

Vitromex invests in Sacmi technology to boost medium format offer

November 2017

A new production line has started up at the Vitromex facility in San Luis Potosí, Mexico, which completes an investment programme by the company aimed at expanding its range of medium-large and large size tiles.

Supplied by Sacmi, the line is equipped with the first PH 10000 high-tonnage press installed in Mexico, a modern five-tier ECP 285 dryer, and an EKO 355 single-channel roller kiln with an entrance width of 3,550mm, currently the largest in the country.

The high efficiency. EKO technology exploits cross-flows to ensure the maximum temperature uniformity across the kiln width, resulting in outstanding flatness and uniform density of finished products, while direct kiln feeding after the pressing, drying and glazing stages eliminates the need for intermediate stock.

The CRS rapid mould change system adopted on the PH 10000 allows moulds weighing as much as fifty tons to be changed  by a single worker in under an hour.

Part of Grupo Industrial Saltillo, a conglomerate with business interests spanning automotive to construction and home tools, Vitromex is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. It has a production capacity of 57 million sq. metres per annum equating to 20% of Mexico’s total ceramic tile production.

Along with the latest PH 10000, a total of 12 presses supplied by Sacmi between 2000 and 2013 are now in operation at the company’s four manufacturing facilities.

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