Tech-driven startup  builds bridges between construction clients and their engineer and architect partners

Tech-driven startup builds bridges between construction clients and their engineer and architect partners

September 2017

A new startup called Handiss has launched an online platform that streamlines how construction projects large or small can hire the freelance engineers and architects they need.

Now it is about to step up to the big leagues with a venture building programme called The Nucleus, supported by The UK Lebanon Tech Hub: a joint initiative between the UK Government and Banque du Liban, Lebanon’s Central Bank.

Finding these skilled practitioners can be a real headache and, unless you are an experienced firm with a ready pool of trusted practitioners to call on, every new build is a risky step into the unknown.  With Handiss, clients will no longer have to just rely on word-of-mouth to access the expert engineers and architects they need to deliver successful projects.

Handiss provides an equalizing platform where everyone can capitalize on the skills and qualifications of the experts to ensure opportunities are realised and the work gets done properly. Companies looking for engineers and architects to work with on a project or task basis, will find options, save time and find it easier to hire the right person for each job and budget.  Clients have the peace of mind that comes with the guarantee of being able to engage and hire the best available people, the ability to optimise their outsourcing costs and manage everything from the one Handiss platform.

The service is aimed at commercial firms wanting to build a new supermarket, real estate developers planning an office block or private citizens looking to build a dream home.  Anyone in the market for consulting and design services, or an independent engineer or architect, should find their needs are catered for in detail by Handiss. The platform is already populated with projects ready to go, plus engineers and architects from all over the world.  Their specializations span dozens of engineering and architectural disciplines; from architecture and interior design to landscaping, urban planning to traffic, road, water and infrastructure engineering to project management and contracts administration.

Ramzi Jreidini, Founder of Handiss, said: “We connect people in the industry on a project or task basis, and not on full-time jobs. This is what makes Handiss unique, as virtually all portals in this market provide full-time employment for companies. Our main competition is really the status-quo and the paradigm of the market itself. People in the market are not used to the idea of finding freelance engineers and architects using an online platform. Most people rely on their own personal connections or a search on LinkedIn to find one or two professionals who can help them out on their project, with all the obvious limitations that entails.”

“While there are other well established freelancing websites which have a branch of their service that caters for engineering and architecture, they are far from developed enough to cater for all the services in the sector.  We have also differentiated ourselves in that we market specifically for the construction market, and that we cater our product in many other ways for this sector (such as the pricing system).”

As one of seven projects chosen to be turbo-charged by The Nucleus, this startup is well placed to go global.
For more information, visit the website at

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