Jonathan Stanley on worktops for home working

February 2021

Over the course of 2020 it is clear to see that the pandemic has changed the way we live considerably.

Working from home quickly became the new normal and we all had to think on our feet regarding our new home office set-up.

With that in mind many of us found ourselves working from the kitchen (and occasionally hiding), bringing a whole new meaning to this already multi-functional space in the home.

The worktop is a crucial part to any kitchen whether you are cooking, working or entertaining. It takes up the second largest surface area to the floor and needs to be able to handle all that is thrown at it on a daily basis, for years to come.

Brands such as ours, as well as retailers, must continuously be aware of how external factors, which change the way we live, have an impact on what people require from their home design, switching up demand.

We are predicting growth within the mid-high end kitchen market fuelled by a consumer desire for quality materials at a reasonable price, factors contributing to hygiene and durability, and longevity. Consumers will want to invest in a product that wont quickly become obsolete and is built to withstand considerable use over time.

Considering these factors, quartz surfaces are rated highly when it comes to durability, longevity, and ease of use – without compromising on design.

Being an engineered stone, it requires the marriage of nature and science in production, meaning we have a lot of flexibility when it comes to its appearance. It is incredibly hard and durable; it is non-porous and very resistant to cracks and stains. Unlike a granite worktop, a quartz worktop will not require sealing or resealing.

Quartz is also very easy to clean using just mild soap, water, and a cloth.

We, at Caesarstone strive to bring a new meaning to the importance of surfaces in the kitchen, especially given the context of the kitchen today.

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