George Clarke is the new voice for Tile Choice’s radio advertising

George Clarke is the new voice for Tile Choice’s radio advertising

October 2018

Tile Choice will now be working in partnership with George Clarke, architect, TV presenter, campaigner and educator.

Clarke will be the voice of Tile Choice’s new radio adverts and he will be making an appearance at one of the company’s stores in the near future.  Clarke’s TV programmes include Old House New Home, Amazing Spaces and Restoration Man.

George Clarke believes that architecture, art and design should be accessible to all and has the power to transform and enrich lives.

“Clarke recognises and values the process that enables people to unlock the beauty of where they live. There is generally no place like home, as this is the space that allows for creative form and expression that we can all embrace and manipulate,” explains Tile Choice.  “We all have the possibility of experimenting with our environment and in doing so improving the way we live and hopefully learn something new along the way.”

He believes that: “Home is the most powerful form of architecture that affects us all, and if you are lucky enough to have a warm and comfortable roof over your head, it is a very special place indeed”.

Clarke aims to challenge the notion that great art and design is only accessible by the few and he tires to shine the spotlight on many disciplines including the more traditional spheres of architecture, art and design.

Sharing skills and knowledge whether undertaking a brave restoration or a new build on a budget, he emphasises the value of a team which includes a combination of architect, designer, engineer, craftsman, artists, manufacturer and owner.

His tastes and interests are wide-ranging – architecture, painting, photography, furniture, art, clothing, motorcycle and bike design.  For Clarke, the vital key is whether they have been designed with passion and integrity.

“With our ever expanding range of tiles which is frequently updated to fulfil not only the latest trends but also covering the classic, traditional styles,” states Tile Choice.  “Here at Tile Choice we believe style can be achieved no matter what the budget is, why not pop in to store or give us a call to speak with one of our friendly, knowledgeable members of staff for design ideas to create an amazing space and a free, no obligation quote so you are ready to transform your home.”

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