District faceted tiles by Agrob Buchtal reinterpret the industrial style

District faceted tiles by Agrob Buchtal reinterpret the industrial style

June 2018

Agrob Buchtal’s new District range was inspired by the typical tile claddings of the Metro stations in big cities such as Paris and London.

The special features of these so-called Metro tiles are gloss glazes and bevelled edges on all sides that create reflections to improve the poor lighting conditions in most of the underground stations at that time.

This filigree and yet distinctive type of tiles has always been, and still is, very popular among industrial style enthusiasts.

Agrob Buchtal has now interpreted thus design perennial in a contemporary way with modern formats and colours.  The new wall tile range has been developed for expressive public areas, yet its characteristics are unchanged: clear, rectangular and faceted, with a bevelled edges on all sides.

The reinterpretation of the Metro tile has resulted in a more elegant look for the normally sober industrial style.  Using traditional references and historical fundamentals as sources of inspiration, a well-balanced variety has been created. Precisely defined shades with great depth permit both striking and discreet solutions.  With District, particulary in the filigree 50 by 100mm format, even smaller surfaces become visual highlights and eye-catchers.  The larger 100 by 250mm format seems predestined for more generous areas.

Easy laying is also guaranteed in the case of the smaller variant of the District tile, because it is thermoplastically glued on back on convenient pre-fabricated onto 316 by 316mm sheets at the factory.

The whole collection can also be used under water (swimming pools, whirlpools) or in permanently wet zones such as showers.  Even the creative design of outdoor areas is possible with it, because District is made of glazed stoneware and is thus frost-proof.

District is a pure wall tile series intended for public areas, such as shop design or  bars to accentuate vertical surfaces.

Other likely areas of application include bakeries, offices, restrooms, canteens, and decorative walls or foyers.  

District generates a quite distinct urban flair with a discreet rhythm, while always retaining its unobtrusive character. Thus, depending on the choice of colour and the environment, noble, minimalist and also comfortable and appealing wall designs with sophisticated gloss effects can be created. The attractive colour range comprises eight shades: from deep black, red and green to neutral white, grey and blue to soft beige and mint.

District is offered with an ex-factory HT (hydrophilic tile) coating which makes the tile extremely easy to clean, and has an antibacterial effect without using chemical products.
W: www.agrob-buchtal.de

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