Schlüter-Systems keeps a high profile


Schlüter-Systems are the innovators when it comes to providing protection and prevention solutions for ceramic and stone tiled flooring.  Boasting expertise and experience that started over 45 years ago, with the Schlüter-Scheine profile, today Schlüter-Systems provide a range of products that are practical, and also provide that perfect finishing touch.

Whatever the shape, size or tile, the secret to a successful installation is to make the tiled surface safe and durable, while also providing a good quality finish.  Schlüter-Profiles are able to protect exposed edges of tiles, move independently of the tile, and prevent cracks, trip edges and provide slip resistance.

Exposed edges are prone to being cracked or chipped by heavy objects. Specially engineered profiles protect the edge of the tile from such damage.  They serve a dual purpose: to protect the tiles, and to give the installation an attractive finish while covering up tile edges.

Schlüter-Profiles finishing threshold strips and diminishing profiles are made to last.  Able to withstand heavy traffic and mechanical pressures, such products protect the edge of tiles and create a smooth transition between adjoining coverings of different heights.  A range of finishes is available to create an aesthetically pleasing installation, while preventing trips, falls and aiding the transition across different floor coverings

Able to absorb movement and produce a continuous uniform appearance, the Schlüter-Dilex range of movement, control and expansion joints provides a maintenance free and functional solution.  Suitable for residential and commercial flooring, such profiles are essential and installed at the same time as the tile covering.  A unique design allows the profile to anchors underneath the tile, absorbing the impact of stressful movement on the surface without compromising the tile layout.

The range includes profile types for movement joints, expansion joints and control joints, for installation within the floor, perimeter such as skirting abutment, or as floor-to-wall joints, along with wall-to-wall joints in example wetrooms. . A wide variety of profiles in various material combinations are available.

Finishing mid-height or tiled skirting and corners can be hard work and Schlüter-Systems understand the need for quick and effective solutions.  This is where its tile trim, tile edging and tile border profiles can help.  Protecting the exposed tile edge, the range provides an attractive, neat finish. Easily fitted and positioned even if the corner is not exactly 90 degrees, each profile creates a durable and decorative finishing for wall coverings and skirting made of tile and natural stone. The profiles are available in a wide range of materials and finishes.

The edges of stairs can be a hazard and where exposed to heavy mechanical stresses, resulting in installation failure, and represent a high risk for injuries. Schlüter-Profiles range of stair nosings and trims boast a slip resistant design and excellent visibility, making them a necessity when it comes to assuring the highest level in safety and protection. Available in a wide variety of styles, heights, materials and finishes, this series of profiles can make the difference when it comes to quality, safety and that finishing touch.

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