Exporting ceramic tile creativity


Founded in 1977 by two friends and experts in ceramic machinery, Llop and Antonio Pedro Piquer, Rocersa began its journey in Villareal with small but cutting-edge facilities.   The company rapidly moved into production of large format tiles, using single firing technology .

Expansion followed with new production plants in Nules with the installation of new floor tile kilns.  In 1998 the plant at Alcora is acquired.  Based on improvements in productivity and product quality,  in 2008 all production was merge transfered to Alcora, making this factory one of the most advanced and capable in the world.

Today the Rocersa group is one of the leading tile exporters worldwide.  This success reflects a customer-orientated ethos at the company, based on friendly, direct and honest relationships with clients.  The company is equally committed to continuing investment in innovation, technology, product quality,and environment sustainability.

Today, Rocersa remains totally committed to developing quality products that satisfy the most demanding tastes and needs of our customers, supported by a resilient and effective   distribution operation.  The Group currently has a ceramic tile production capacity of around 11.5 million sq. metres a year and exports to over100 countries worldwide.  This means an average daily production of 35,000 sq. metres, with levels of design and quality that are internationally recognised.

One of the latest manifestations of the company’s commitment to innovation is Infinity, a collection that harnesses the latest technology to produce 22 designs that are equally suitable for use on wall and floors.  The 600 by 600mm floor tiles offer both plain colours and attractive retro patterns in beige, grey, dark grey and sophisticated colour mixes.

Harking back to the 1980s, Octile reflects the current global appetite for retro tile designs with a modern twist.

Also at the cutting edge of current development in tile are 20mm thick porcelain stoneware tiles for external use.  With Outdoor 20, customerss can walk, run, jump and ultimately, enjoying the outdoors without having to worry where they step: all with a range of designs that speaks volumes.

Outdoor 20’s high resistance to breaking loads and stress, as well as its extraordinary slip-resistant features, make it an ideal tile for outdoor areas, both public and private.

Compared to natural-stone, Outdoor 20 does not absorb water, and is resistant to chemical attacks including the salt used for melting ice.  It is not affected by mould or moss; and is easy to clean.  Perfectly calibrated and its thickness is uniform in thickness, Outdoor 20 will remain unaltered over time, both in colour and technical characteristics.

A great benefits is that it allows the continuity of the same flooring both inside and outside.

Weighing less than natural stone because it is not as thick, its extraordinary resistance, easy installation and sophisticated design mean that Outdoor 20 can be installed in practically any exterior and, even interior, space: gardens, courtyards, terraces, stairs, passageways, pools, hotels, spas, industrial areas, urban paving and even areas with mild road traffic.

Another feature of Outdoor 20 is its installation system over bearing supports or plots.  This system allows users to overcome all the limitations of exterior installation using through traditional methods.  This simplifies maintenance and inspection of the facilities underneath, such as water pipes, electrical cables, irrigation systems, etc.

Other benefits include increased soundproofing and an air chamber for thermal insulation.  Due to its low weight (47kg per sq. metre), it is ideal for areas with structural weight problems, such as balconies; while the spacing between tiles (+/- 3mm) facilitates water drainage.