Preventing cracked tiles


When it comes to tiling over less than perfect substrates – those with hairline cracks; timber floorboards and chipboard substrates, or attempting to create a seamless floor over different substrate types , Mapei does not fade into the background and become a shy observer.

With many years of successful application under its belt, Mapetex, the innovative anti-fracture membrane from Mapei, has provided the solution to challenges faced in many tiling projects, including The Queen Elizabeth (QE) Hospital in Birmingham, Blackpool Winter Gardens, The Metro Centre in Newcastle, Wembley and Clonard Monastery in Belfast (pictured above).

Mapetex has been installed to facilitate the bonding of tiles and stone to a wide range of substrates, which would have made many Tiling Contractors flinch with nervous apprehension in the past.  With the Italian giant’s commitment to Research and Development, customers are assured of a functional high performance system when the Mapei name is involved.  Over 35,000 sq. metres sold in 2013 emphasizes this customer confidence.

Mapei Mapetex is a proven stress buster, alleviating substrate stresses at source and preventing transfer through to the tile or stone finish.  It is equally at home spanning an old day joint within a screed or covering an entire floor area where natural stone has been installed over an electric cable undertile heating system.

Where there are lateral forces within a substrate (i.e. movement from side to side), then Mapetex is the answer to the question ‘How can I prevent cracked tiles in this situation?’

As Mapetex contains no voids when installed correctly, it does not suffer from point loading issues and can, therefore, be used in areas of high foot traffic, such as shopping malls and other public buildings. There are also no size restrictions so it can be used with any size of tile or stone from mosaic to large format.

With over 10 years of project experience already completed, this guarantee is enough to justify the selection of Mapetex on your next project.
Mapetex is available in 1 by 50 metre rolls.  Alternatively it is also available cut to size (please check with your nearest stockist).

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