Hexagonal mosaic collection launched by Trend

Hexagonal tiling

Hexagonal tiling, popular in the Victorian era and during the Arts and Crafts period,  is back.  Italian tilemaker Trend has launched its glass mosaic Hexagonal Collection, with an initial range of ten semi-transparent fused glass colours, enriched with sparkling enamels and avventurina stone.  These beautiful 35 by 30mm hexagon tiles are around 5mm thick and supplied in 326 by 350mm sheet sizes, mounted on the company’s innovative Trend Plus installation system.  Tested and ASTM certificated to be non-porous and resistant to colour fading, frost, chemical agents and thermal shock, the tiles are also inherently slip-resistant in bare feet and shoes.  Applications include kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, residential flooring, swimming pools and spas.

The hexagon is a polygon with six edges and six vertices, or corners, and in nature is associated with the shape of a honeycomb.  Each tile can be bordered by six other hexagons, which can themselves be bordered by other hexagons, indefinitely in any direction, creating a pleasingly dense tiling pattern. Contrasting accent tiles can be used to introduce highlights into the field colour or to frame the dominant pattern.

Made using up to 59% post-consumer recycled glass, Trend Hexagonal are semi-transparent glass mosaic tesserae, coloured in fusion, then blended with complementary enamels and avventurina stone.  The distinctive veining effect is achieved by manually mixing the materials while still in a molten state.  The iridescent accent is introduced by avventurina, formed by fusing silica, copper and colour components at temperatures around 1,200ºC.

The translucent staining of Hexagonal tesserae makes them particularly suitable for sophisticated applications, where brightness and transparency have key design roles, especially when enhanced by special lighting effects.  The choice of colours ranges from ice white, through turquoise and midnight blue, emerald green, bronze and deep red, to tones of grey, slate and black.  The availability of white and black tiles in the Hexagonal palette enables the recreation of traditional black and white bathroom and kitchen tiling, for sanitaryware surrounds, splashbacks, flooring and feature panels.

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