Exciting changes to the DEVI underfloor heating product range


To modernise the DEVI brand, the company has decided to change the names of its products to give a new and fresh image to DEVI.  The main change is that the DEVImat DTIR 100W and 150W are now called DEVIcomfort 100T (DTIR) and 150T (DTIR).  The DEVImat DTIF 200W still carries the name DEVImat 200T (DTIF).  For further information and to get a list of new product names, please use the contact information below.
DEVI is continually evolving the DEVIreg Touch and, further to customer requests, the company is delighted to announce the new DEVIreg Touch Polar White.  The DEVIreg Touch Polar White is a brighter white and will match a vast selection of bathroom and kitchen tiles.  This, together with the new addition of the Pure Black DEVIreg Touch and the original DEVIreg Touch, makes it easy to find the right thermostat for a particular installation.
T: 08451 217400  E: enquiries@devi.co.uk