The shifting hues of Craven Dunnill’s new Brilliance wall tiles

Brilliance is the latest wall tile collection from Craven Dunnill’s Renaissance Collection and features a special, hand-plastered effect.

The appealing character of the textured surface is accentuated in an eye-catching lustre-glaze, which shimmers discreetly.

The colour palette features pretty tones of milky blue, green, white, grey and ivory, whilst the play of light drifting over the gentle sheen of the lustre glaze produces subtle variations of shading.
Brilliance is offered in a contemporary brick-styled format, 200 by 65mm, and a classic, small tile format, 100 by 100mm.

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Concrete look delivered with Italian bravura

The new Claymood collection in porcelain stoneware by Ceramiche Piemme is designed to recreate the effect of concrete, but be as easy to lay and maintain as tiles. The digital printing processes used reproduce the surface of mortar to create floorings with a minimalist feel.

Claymood also features a line of wall tiles inspired by natural materials and by artisan clay work.  The colour palette offers four shades of grey and sand, with hazy effects and shadings, which, combined with the 3D stone effect and mosaic surfaces, and the wide range of sizes,  make the Claymood one of Piemme’s most complete and flexible ranges.

The colour options are grey, pearl grey, sand and taupe (dark beige).  the format options are 300 by 300, 450 by 900, 300 by 600, 600 by 600, 800 by 800 and 600 by 1,200mm.  Decorative surface options are  3D Rock in 150 by 900mm and mosaics.  There are also two third-fired decorations: Shape Murano and Shape Florence, both 600 by 600mm.

UltraTile ProGrip HG relaunched with an outstanding improved easy work formula

ProGrip HG high grab acrylic wall tile adhesive has been relaunched with an outstanding improved easy work formula.  Available to purchase now, the new formulation is light to apply and a joy to work with.

UltraTile ProGrip HG boasts an exceptional grip with no slip for use with today’s popular large format ceramic wall tiles.  It may also be used to fix porcelain mosaics, glass and natural stone tiles.  Its new super smooth formula allows for effortless application and ease of standardised coverage.

When using ProGrip HG there is no need to prime the wall first as the adhesive is self-priming, which saves users time and money.  The adhesive is suitable for application onto plaster, cement/sand render, brickwork/concrete, plasterboard and existing tile walls.  It is ideal for use in intermittently wet conditions, including kitchens, bathrooms and domestic showers, due to an anti-fungal additive which prevents the buildup of mould.

UltraTile ProGrip HG is available in 15kg buckets; each will cover up to 6 sq. metres at a 3mm bed thickness.  The product has an open time and adjustment time of 20 minutes and applications can be grouted after 24 hours.

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Senio offers the silky allure of Westport

Ceramica Senio’s new Westport double-fired tile range is available in one standard format – 65 by 260mm – and three new 3D shapes. Westport is characterised by its silk-like surface, which feels like a smooth veil of silk and is highly tactile.  Each design in the range is made up of six different colour nuances, mixed in harmonic blends that create a new and original concept of colour.

Florim’s Stones & More balances simplicity with accurate detailing

Stones & More is a new design from Florim’s Casa Dolce Casa brand.  The aim is to offer a spatial vision balanced between simplicity and attention to detail, yet creating a welcoming atmosphere.

This range offers a refined selection of stone and marble looks; resulting in evocative settings that reflect different sources of inspiration in a perfectly balanced colour range. Essential shapes and vintage combinations tell a story through radically different surfaces united under a single philosophy of elegance.

10mm thick, the floor tile come in 800 by 1,800, 300 by 1,200, 600 by 1,200 and 800 by 800mm, plus a 300 by 300mm mosaic and 300 by 600mm listelli.

The wall tiles, 6mm thick, are offered in 600 by 1,200, 1,200 by 1,200, 1,200 by 2,400, 1,600 by 1,600 and 1,600 by 3,200mm and have a gloss finish.  The colour options are
stone sahara noir.  There is also 6mm gloss calacatta in0 by 1,600 by 3,200, 1,200 by 2,400, 800 by 2,400, 1,600 by 1,600, 1,200 by 1,200 and 800 by 800mm.

Complementary wall tiles in ivory, taupe, moka, sage, steel and plomb, with natural finish, are available in 1,200 by 3,000, 800 by 800, 600 by 1,200, 600 by 600, 400 by 800, 300 by 600 and 200 by 800mm, plus mosaics and listelli.
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Venetian terrazzo reinterpreted for the modern age

Atlas Concorde’s Marvel Gems is a co-ordinated collection of floor and wall tiles where Venetian Terrazzo is interpreted for modern times in line with Italian tradition.

The collection includes ceramic tiles that combine the look of crushed marble with the superb quality of white body and ceramic tiles.

The beauty of the material that inspired this tile, featuring shards and fragments replicating marble, makes Atlas Concorde’s Marvel Gems concept ideal for creating living and commercial spaces rich in appeal. The brilliance of the porcelain and white body tiles reproduce the luminosity of the marble that inspired them. The theme of Venetian Terrazzo is interpreted through marble-effect fragments that emerge like gems strewn on a brilliant continuous surface.

The rectified through-body coloured porcelain floor tiles reflect the wide range of colours and sizes of the original Venetian floors. They are available in five colours, cool Grey and warm Pearl, bright ivory Cream, pearly White and intense Black.  There are also numerous sizes up to 750 by 1,500mm, including 750 by 750, 600 by 600, 45 by 900 and 300 by 600mm.  The variations in colour include various sub-base tonalities and marble-effect fragments, creating elegant combinations.

The porcelain tiles are highly polished for a mirrored effect, with a full-surface honed finish offering the glossy look of the traditional material. Hard, compact and scratch-resistant, the surface will maintain its beauty over the years, without costly maintenance.

The collection includes Palladian porcelain tiles, featuring grey granules with shards replicating white Carrara marble, an up-to-date take on exquisite Italian tradition. A dense scattering of small, uniform fragments is the inspiration for the porcelain surfaces of Mix Cold and Mix Warm that have a modern retro style.

Marvel Gems rectified white-body wall tiles bring the elegance of Venetian Terrazzo to wall tiles with brilliant and mirror-like surfaces.  The colour range, co-ordinated with the porcelain floor tiles, includes two greys, warm Pearl and cool Grey, a bright Cream, and pearly White. To these colours is added an elegant blue, for hints of colour that add a fresh, modern touch. The ceramic wall tiles are also offered with a surface that recalls the Palladian look with Carrara marble flakes emerging from a bed of fine, grey marble granules.

Luminous walls with a mirrored effect combine the precious feel of marble with the benefits of ceramics: easy to lay, maintain, and clean.
Available wall tile formats are 500 by 1,100 and 400 by 800mm.