Kerakoll products prove perfect for UK Tiles Direct


Kiwi Design recently appointed UK Tiles Direct to refurbish a Nissan showroom after working with them on another project the previous year.  The challenge was to do the work whilst Yeomans Nissan’s Worthing showroom was still open for business.  David Burgess, Managing Director of UK Tiles Direct said that they chose Kerakoll products for the tiling as they are “all eco-friendly” and have “less emissions than any other alternative products on the market”.

The team split the project which included floor preparation and tiling in the showroom, office and customer toilets into two phases of 5 days.  They put up a partition to allow the work to be carried out on one side with business continuing on the other.  The team had to carry out initial work grinding channels for wiring and services into the concrete floor by night to avoid disturbing the customers and staff, but then tiling was done during the day.  David commented that it was very important to have the reassurance that Kerakoll products are safe to health with very low VOC emissions given the presence of staff and customers whilst work went on.

The first job was to remove the existing tiles, only to find that most of the old adhesive had stayed on the floor, making it impossible to tile.   Kerakoll’s Primer A Eco had to be applied to consolidate the screed and bind any dust etc from the old adhesive before the floor was levelled to allow tiling.  “We used Kerakoll Keratech R10 self-levelling compound… [It] flows fantastically, giving us a lovely flat floor after just three to four hours of drying. After 12 hours of drying, we could start the porcelain tile installation.”

The tiles were then laid using H40 Eco Rapid which is a fast setting adhesive that can be grouted after 3 hours, allowing work to be completed within the short timescales that were required.
The project team used over 2.05 tonnes of Keratech R10, and only one 25kg bag less of the H40 Eco Rapid adhesive, to complete the 330 sq. metres of wall and floor tiling.
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Kerakoll products specified for Intercontinental Hotel’s riverside O2 Hotel project on the Greenwich Peninsula


The riverside InterContinental London – the O2 Hotel – stands out in the Greenwich Peninsula, with 453 luxury rooms, a 17 metre swimming pool, a beauty spa, 20 meeting rooms and a ballroom for up to 3,000.

Spectacular Canary Wharf views are enjoyed in Eighteen Sky Bar, one of several dining destinations in the new hotel. The O2 arena is steps away and the Emirates Air Line zips over the Thames to ExCeL London.

When Balfour Beatty, the main contractor, appointed Chiltern Contracts as the tiling contractor, they quickly involved Kerakoll in site meetings and consultations with both contractors and the architects, G1 Architecture & Interior Design, for the choice of the tiling systems.

Karl Beeden, the Kerakoll representative, selected the products knowing that time constraints to the project meant that it was crucial that over 16,000 sq. metres of tiling needed to be carried out without a hitch.

The first area to be considered was the swimming pool, where glass mosaics and 800 by 400 by 10mm porcelain tiles were specified.  H40 Eco Tenaflex was chosen to tile both of these, primarily as it is totally stable even when in constant contact with water.  It is also extremely high grab, is easily adjustable and has a pot life of four hours.

Fugabella Eco Porcelana 0 – 5 in Jasmine and Bahama Beige was used to grout the tiles and Fugabella Eco Silicone in the same colours was used to seal joints.  Fugabella grouts have natural antibacterial protection and very high levels of mechanical resistance, colour consistency and water repellence, all of which are very important for a swimming pool area.

The client had asked the architects and designers to create an astrological pattern to be replicated across the floor of the reception lobby, common areas and communal washrooms.  They chose River White granite tiles inlaid with brass to achieve this.

Before tiling, the floor was prepared using one of two self-levelling compounds: Keratech Eco R10 is used in thickness up to 10mm.  It sets extremely quickly and is ready for tiling approximately 12 hours after laying.  Both it and the second compound, Keratech Eco R30 form a very smooth, even finish and are suitable for use in areas of high foot traffic.  Keratech Eco R30 is used in areas where the original substrate is more uneven as it can be laid in thicknesses from 3 to 30mm, but is equally rapid drying.

H40 Eco Marmorex was specified as the adhesive for the granite.  It is a pure white rapid set adhesive which locks in excess mixing water and prevents stains from forming on the surface of delicate natural stones.

It can be used as a solid bed in thicknesses up to 15mm which also helped with the laying of the large 610 by 610 by 15mm granite tiles.

The floor was finished with Fugabella Eco Porcelana 0 – 5 grout in pearl grey to match the tiles and Fugabella Eco AM low modulus silicone which has been developed specifically for use with natural stone to prevent picture framing and staining.

The walls of the washrooms were tiled with Jura Beige limestone which was fixed with H40 Eco Tenaflex, chosen for its high grab properties and grouted and sealed with the Fugabella Eco grout and silicone that was used throughout the hotel to install the natural stone.

Granite was again chosen for the Eighteen Sky Bar which is located on the 18th floor and overlooks Canary Wharf and the London skyline.  This time the tiles were black Star Galaxy in the same 610 by 610 by 15mm size as tiles in the lobby.

Kerakoll proposed H40 Eco Rapid as the adhesive due to the fixing time constraints.  This grey adhesive is ready to grout after only three hours.

Fugabella Eco Porcelana 0 – 5 and Fugabella Eco AM were then chosen for the grouting and siliconing for the same reasons as with the River White granite.

The Clipper Bar offers a 270o view across the Thames from floor to ceiling windows and an oval bar in polished Carrara marble.  The front of the bar was tiled with hexagonal Carrara marble mosaics which were fixed with H40 Eco Tenaflex for its high grab properties and adjustability.

For the floor, the designers specified Norwegian Blue Pearl Granite cut into equilateral triangles and laid to form hexagons, with smaller Carrara hexagonal inserts at the corners of each tile: the whole forming a grid of interlocking hexagons.

The surface was first levelled using Keratech Eco R10 to ensure that it was perfectly flat.  H40 Eco Rapid was then used as the adhesive for the floor tiles to allow the tiling to be completed on time.  The same Fugabella Eco Porcelana 1-5 grout and silicone were used to finish both the bar front mosaic and the floor tile installation.

The project proceeded to plan and finished on time with both client and architect very satisfied with the end result.

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New brochures: all Systems go at Kerakoll


Kerakoll UK has just launched two new brochures for the UK market: a system brochure and a brand new product catalogue.

Both have been designed to make life easier for customers, from architects and contractors to installers and end users, by helping them to better understand the products and application requirements.

The system brochure is broken down into 10 common tiling systems, labelled C1 to C10, and explains the best products to use for each system to ensure problem free installation, covering surface preparation, fixing and grouting for each.  It also contains useful information on the requirements of standards and certification relevant to the tiling industry and has an easy to use product selector for all types of tiling and substrates.

The systems will be added to as time goes on, to ensure that the latest techniques and products are always covered.

The product catalogue gives a general introduction to the company and why it is a market leader for green building products.  It focuses on the product lines for surface preparation and the laying of tiles and natural stone, as well as hard wood and resilient flooring.  A streamlined presentation has been adopted with concise product descriptions kept to the point.

These descriptions are designed to work alongside the Technical Data Sheets for the individual products which contain more detailed information on the individual products, and how to prepare and apply them, as well as their technical performance.
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Tip Top Tiling delivers problem-free tiling for a Grand Design with help from Kerakoll


Tip Top Tiling were the tiling contractors for an ultra modern, eco friendly house which appeared on Grand Designs on 9th September 2015.  TSJ reports.

Tip Top Tiling were the tiling contractors for an ultra modern, eco friendly house that appeared on Grand Designs on 9th September 2015.

Peter Marsh from the contractor asked Kerakoll to get involved with the architect and client to discuss the tiling specification as the project needed to run on time and without any issues. Karl Beeden of Kerakoll was often on site to offer technical knowledge and support to the contractor, client and architect due to the demanding nature of the project and the need for it to run on time and without any issues.

H40 Eco Tenaflex was selected for the external wall tiling which was 1.5 by 1.5m in size, as it is very high grab but highly adjustable.  It also has an extended open time and a four hour pot life making it easy to work with.  It can be in constant contact with water which is important in the British climate and has been tested under extremely rigorous conditions to ensure that it will not fail even under severe stress.

1,200 by 1,200 by 10mm anti-slip porcelain tiles were chosen for the garden patio and swimming pool surround.  H40 Eco Flotex was selected for these areas. This is a pourable thick bed adhesive which is suitable for external use on floors exposed to water and is resistant to frost once it has set.  As it is pourable, it guarantees 100% coverage without the need to back-butter.  It can be applied in thicknesses of up to 20mm meaning that it can be used to correct surface irregularities and has a three hour pot life.

The same 1.2 by 1.2m porcelain tile in the standard version was selected for all floor areas internally.  The substrate for tiling was a calcium sulphate screed, so it was important to select the correct preparation and product to prevent de-bonding. Once the screed had dried, and been moisture tested.  It was mechanically abraded and the underfloor heating was commissioned.  Kerakoll then advised that two coats of Primer A Eco were applied to neutralise the expansive chemical reaction between the gypsum and cement. The distinctive green colour of Primer A Eco allows the user to check immediately if the surface has been fully and evenly covered.  Once the surface had been prepared, H40 Eco Flotex was again used, as it can be used with underfloor heating and can be walked on after just 12 hours.

Before tiling the bathroom/wet room walls and floors were tanked with Nanodefense Eco and Aquastop 120 tape. This develops water resistance in two hours meaning that tiling could progress speedily. The 600 by 600mm tiles used were fixed with H40 Eco Tenaflex for the same reasons that it was used for the external wall tiling, that is its very high grab and the ease of working with it due to the ability to adjust easily and the extended working time, but most importantly the fact that it can be in constant contact with water without failing.

The project was completed on time and without any problems to the great satisfaction of all involved.

Dissecting the design
Pavello draws its design inspiration from the Barcelona Pavilion, a gleaming white minimalist structure built by the maestro of modernism, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, for the 1929 Barcelona International Exposition.

Pavello covers nearly 6,000 sq ft in its single storey.  Key design features include a cantilevered flat roof, the seamless transition between indoors and out, and the rectangular pool flanking the house.

Built at a cost of £1.5 million, it is a triumph of minimalism.  It was designed for business owner Clinton Dall by Brighton-based architect Desmond Harvey..

The simple and minimalist house is sparsely furnished but beautifully detailed.  The kitchen alone costs around £120,000.  The main living area, which boasts a five-metre long sofa as the main attraction, is finished in dark blue colour.  Almost nothing interferes with the pristine paintwork and outsize white Italian porcelain floor tiles except for a striking granite dining table and a minimalist charcoal-hued kitchen.

Each of the bedrooms, which open off a long corridor, has a glazed wall with views of the pool and the greenery beyond.

The building is accessed via a large pivoting glass door, flanked by two vibrant red panels.  The living area is made to feel even more expansive by more floor-to-ceiling glass.

The ceiling is supported by four polished-steel columns.  These are meticulously detailed, something that can be said of the building as a whole, which cost approximately £1.5 million to construct.

Tip Top Tiling
Tip Top Tiling from Horsham has over 20 years experience in the installation of wall and floor tiles in the West Sussex area.  Specialising in natural stone, ceramics, porcelain, travertine and mosaics, Peter Marsh offers expert installation on a broad range of tiles.  Its project portfolio spans bathroom, kitchen and conservatory tiling, as well as outdoor contracts.

The company prides itself on its high standards, competitive pricing and “can-do” attitude.

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Smooth Operators Levelling Compounds from Kerakoll


Kerakoll’s range of levelling compounds offers various formulations for use on different surfaces and in different environments.

Keratech Eco R30 is an extra rapid-hardening self-levelling compound for internal use in thicknesses between 3 and 30mm, so is excellent for floors with a large variation in levels.

It can be used in all both domestic and industrial installations and on heat radiant slabs. It is compatible with all cement based, reactive-epoxy and water based polyurethane 2 component adhesives and so is suitable as a base for all sorts of tiles and stone, as well as hardwood and resilient materials.

For floors with smaller variations, Keratech Eco R10 is a self-levelling compound for use in thicknesses between 1 and 10mm which quickly develops a smooth finish and high levels of mechanical resistance making the subsequent laying of all sorts of coverings easy. R10 was used in the Oxford University Earth Sciences building (shown above) as a substrate for
the Pietra Sienna and other stone tiles used there, as well as in the lobby area of the Community Safety Centre in the Dorset Fire & Rescue Centre in Weymouth. The smooth, perfectly even finish is important for the extra-large 1m
x 1m x 6mm thick porcelain tiles which were used. In addition it is ready to walk on after 2 hours allowing other contractors to carry on accessing the site, and is ready for tiling after 12, a big consideration where time is tight.

The floor of the appliance bay at the Dorset Fire & Rescue Centre needed to slope away towards the doors so that any water would drain properly. This was achieved by using Keralevel LR – a levelling compound that allows large falls to be built up in one application and has a very quick hardening time which was important in this time critical project.

All of these products, in common with all of the Keratech range are eco-friendly with low CO2 and VOC emissions and can be recycled at the end of their life.

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Problem Free Fixing of Delicate Stone & Marble


The H40 Eco range of adhesives includes 9 different products all of which are formulated to perform to an extremely high standard in different situations and Kerakoll’s technical team can advise on the best one for your project.  Below we consider H40 Eco Marmorex.

This adhesive has been specifically formulated for delicate types of marble which are sensitive to water, but is also excellent for all types of stone and resin or cement based engineered stones.  It prevents stains from forming on the surface of the stone by locking the mixing water in and can be used for high resistance tiling on both walls and floors.  This ability to lock in the water also helps to counter act curling, which is a phenomenon that occurs when certain types of marble absorb moisture from water based adhesives and start to bend.

A large percentage of recycled Carrara marble included in the mixture gives the adhesive its pure white colour and smooth spreading texture.   The fact that it has no vertical slip means that it can be used to fix extremely large pieces of marble to walls, in fact it was recently used in private residence to fix pieces that were 1.5 x 2m.

All of Kerakoll’s products are developed to be as good for human health and the environment as possible with currently available materials and technologies.  H40 Eco Marmorex contains 68% recycled material from sources close to the factory in Sassuolo and was used to lay stone tiles on the floors in this private residence in Bath where ecological considerations were a priority.

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