Fila UK’s Shelley Johnson goes multi-terrain for Ataxia UK


Shelley Johnson from FILA UK has embarked on three gruelling multi-terrain events to help raise funds and awareness for charity, Ataxia UK.  Shelley will be taking part in The Grizzly and Compton 20, and finishing off with the Neolithic Marathon on 1 May.   Funds raised will go towards research, services and support for sufferers, including Shelley’s sister Tracey who has recently been diagnosed with the rare condition.

Ataxia is a progressive neurological condition that affects balance, speech, and co-ordination. Over 10,000 people in the UK have Ataxia and there is currently no cure.  Awareness of the condition, which is likened to Parkinsons and MS, is very low.  Shelley hopes that taking part in the three multi-terrain events will help raise funds and awareness of Ataxia, and go towards finding treatments to help as many people as possible.

“These events will be tough, but nothing compared to the battle faced by people living with Ataxia every day.  I’ll give my all in an effort to raise as much as I can – and if you can join me in supporting everyone in this position and the charity, we’ll be eternally grateful,” explained Shelley.

Shelley’s great friend, Maria Hedge, will be taking part in all three events alongside Shelley; keeping her on the straight and narrow – and the hilly and muddy!  To support Shelley, please visit

Upstanding Solutions!


The installation of upstand strips around shower trays and baths is now common practice. Gerry Robinson, Technical Manager of Sealux, looks at the state of art and explores relevant issues tile and bathroom retailers might consider before choosing which solution they endorse.

Upstand strips most often take the form of a 70/120mm wide impermeable sealing strip with a pre-applied high tack adhesive bed on one side that allows bonding the strip onto a shower tray or bath side wall before final installation against walls. That part of the upstand sealing strip that extends above the ledge after installation is subsequently sandwiched between the shower wall and tile. Upstand sealing strips are promoted as secondary perimeter joint seals that guard against leaks resulting from sealant failure in the tile/ledge joint.

Codes of Practice

There are no Codes of Practice regulating the design or quality of shower tray and bath upstand strips. In the absence of a British Standard, two distinct sealing strip versions have emerged in the market that serve to highlight a ‘disconnect’ between what plumbers install and what tilers require. This disconnect relates to material compatibility.

The EPDM upstand sealing strips supplied by plumbing merchants have a low surface energy that limits adhesion with sealants, tile adhesives and waterproofing membranes. The equivalent fleece faced sealing strips favoured by tile adhesive manufacturers accommodate good mechanical adhesion with these materials.

BS5385 Part 4

Because upstand sealing strips are installed during installation of shower trays and baths, it is generally the plumber who purchases and installs them. Consequentially, EPDM sealing strips have gained good traction in the market. Unfortunately, the installation of an EPDM sealing strip is not conducive to the subsequent waterproofing of shower walls.

This anomaly between the EPDM sealing strips promoted by the plumb sector and the fleeced PE/PP sealing strips favoured by tile sector is destined to remain unless rectified in BS 5385 Part 4 (currently under revision) which deals with the issue of waterproofing shower walls and the sealing of movement joints in wet and damp conditions. A recommendation in respect of integrating upstand strips into adjacent shower wall waterproofing membranes might align practices in the plumb sector with best practices in the tile sector.

Tile Retailers

Now that upstand strips are here to stay, tile and bathroom retailers promoting shower waterproofing materials might also take a lead and specify that where upstand strips are  installed, they must accommodate good adhesion with adhesive sealants, tile adhesives and waterproofing materials in the knowledge that every such upstand strip installed is not just good preparation for waterproofing shower walls, but also advantageous in eliminating the task of connecting the waterproofing membrane onto the shower tray or bath ledge.

The ‘stick-on’ sealing strip concept

Unlike the plumb sector where the installation of ‘stick-on’ EPDM sealing strips is standard practice, fleece faced sealing strips have been comparatively slower to catch on in the tile sector where complimentary shower waterproofing and tanking solutions are a staple diet of many product ranges.

The reason for this may be that there are inherent flaws associated with the basic butyl adhesive ‘stick-on’ sealing strip design:

Butyl adhesive can react with sealant. Sealant applied into a tile/ledge joint can react with the adjacent butyl adhesive changing it from a high tack adhesive to a viscous stringy soft cream that can ooze out from behind the sealant onto the ledge.

Stick-on upstand sealing strips can create perimeter ‘canals’ over the butyl adhesive upper face between the ledge and upstand strip. This ponding effect feeds capillary action up the shower walls.

Upstand sealing strips bonded across the rounded side wall corners of shower trays and baths do not readily extend into the adjacent 90° wall corners causing tile deflection.

Upstand sealing strips are installed by plumbers. Full responsibility for the waterproofing of tiled wet areas should rest with one installer – the tiler.

These and other problems are inherent because they cannot be disassociated from the basic ‘stick-on’ upstand sealing strip design. To eliminate these problems a paradigm shift in the product design and installation practice is required.

A Paradigm Shift in Upstand Strip Technology

As a designer and manufacturer of movement joint seals committed to improving the state of art, Sealux have developed an upstand sealing system called HydroHALT that eliminates all the afore mentioned problems associated with ‘stick-on’ butyl adhesive upstand sealing strips.

The HydroHALT design sets aside the use of butyl adhesive and the associated ‘stick-on’ installation method in favour of a more innovative solution that is superior in material composition, offers greater installation versatility and higher product performance.

HydroHALT combines a revolutionary upstand strip (not a sealing strip) with a sealant and backer cord. The HydroHALT Sealing System complies with relevant best practices promoted in BS5385 and BS6213 in respect of:

  • the designing of movement joints to relieve built up stress
  • joint substrate preparation for sealant compatibility
  • joint substrate preparation for sealant adhesion
  • the proper selection and dimensional application of sealant
  • use of backer material to accommodate sealant flexibility

HydroHALT eliminates the material compatibility problems and installation limitations associated with butyl adhesive stick-on upstand sealing strips. Other advantages of HydroHALT are:

can be installed by:
a)    Plumbers – during installation of new trays and baths
b)    Tilers – into existing joints around new trays and baths
c)    Tilers – over tray and bath ledges in refurb projects
d)    Tilers – over trays and baths with integral up-stands
e)    Tilers – around low profile shower trays as low as 6mm

  • extends 100% into 90° wall corners – no tile deflection
  • eliminates ponding under tiles – no capillary action
  • meets relevant BS5385 and BS6213 Codes of Practice
  • compatible with liquid and mat tanking system

For information on the HydroHALT Sealing System call Sealux on 0870 876 0121 | email |




Stone experts Ca’ Pietra launch Lattice, an exclusive new range of handmade tiles, to join their popular encaustic tile collection. Combining durability with eye-catching design, each tile is handmade using the ‘encaustic’ technique.

Sulphur Lattice Handmade Encaustic Tiles RRP £3.60 per tile
(also in green, red, black and blue)

Encaustic tiles have long adorned the floors of palaces, churches and grand homes, featuring an array of decorative designs and colours. Ca’ Pietra’s latest collection uses an intricate trellis pattern set against a colourful background. There are six colours to choose from including more neutral tones such as black and grey, as well as a vibrant yellow and exotic red.

A leading expert in the industry, Ca’ Pietra is a family company with a passion for sourcing quality natural stone. Its core collection consists of a comprehensive range of limestone, travertine, slate, sandstone and porcelain. Each stone is handpicked by its creative team, and offers an unrivalled combination of quality and value for money.

For further information, please contact Ca’ Pietra on or call 0844 915 0002.

To view the current collection or for stockist details please go to

Tilemaster to unveil new product duo at autumn trade events


Tilemaster Adhesives is set to exhibit at two trade events this autumn. They include STS’s 50th Anniversary Trade Evening and Exhibition, in Watford, and DHS’s Annual Trade Exhibition, in Guernsey. Both events take place on Thursday 15 October and Tilemaster highlights will include the official launch of two new smoothing compounds – Pro Flow and Trade Flow.

STS’s anniversary event will be held at the Hilton Hotel, in Watford, from 7pm. Over 20 industry exhibitors will be attending and the celebration evening will include a complementary bar, buffet and prize draw. The second event, hosted by DHS (Domestic Heating Services (Wholesale) Ltd) will take place from 7pm at The St Pierre Park Hotel & Golf Resort, in St Peter Port, Guernsey.

In addition to introducing two new preparatory systems, Tilemaster will also showcase adhesives, grouts and screeds from its growing product range – offering advice and demonstrations at each event.

For more information, please contact Mark Kelly at Tilemaster Adhesives on tel. 01772 456831, email or visit

Smooth Operators Levelling Compounds from Kerakoll


Kerakoll’s range of levelling compounds offers various formulations for use on different surfaces and in different environments.

Keratech Eco R30 is an extra rapid-hardening self-levelling compound for internal use in thicknesses between 3 and 30mm, so is excellent for floors with a large variation in levels.

It can be used in all both domestic and industrial installations and on heat radiant slabs. It is compatible with all cement based, reactive-epoxy and water based polyurethane 2 component adhesives and so is suitable as a base for all sorts of tiles and stone, as well as hardwood and resilient materials.

For floors with smaller variations, Keratech Eco R10 is a self-levelling compound for use in thicknesses between 1 and 10mm which quickly develops a smooth finish and high levels of mechanical resistance making the subsequent laying of all sorts of coverings easy. R10 was used in the Oxford University Earth Sciences building (shown above) as a substrate for
the Pietra Sienna and other stone tiles used there, as well as in the lobby area of the Community Safety Centre in the Dorset Fire & Rescue Centre in Weymouth. The smooth, perfectly even finish is important for the extra-large 1m
x 1m x 6mm thick porcelain tiles which were used. In addition it is ready to walk on after 2 hours allowing other contractors to carry on accessing the site, and is ready for tiling after 12, a big consideration where time is tight.

The floor of the appliance bay at the Dorset Fire & Rescue Centre needed to slope away towards the doors so that any water would drain properly. This was achieved by using Keralevel LR – a levelling compound that allows large falls to be built up in one application and has a very quick hardening time which was important in this time critical project.

All of these products, in common with all of the Keratech range are eco-friendly with low CO2 and VOC emissions and can be recycled at the end of their life.

Kerakoll UK Limited
Unit 4, The Croft, Buntsford Gate Business Park, Bromsgrove B60 4JE
01257 578000,

Introducing the Total-16 Low Profile System


A low build, no screed required, lightweight, yet heavy duty hydronic solution

Installers specifying hydronic underfloor heating solutions are often faced with a number of challenges such as; floor height restrictions, cumbersome heating panels, and the inability to immediately tile directly over the heating system. Warmup’s aim is to bring you products which provide a solution to these challenges; making installation easier, faster and therefore increasing your profit margin.

The Total-16 Low Profile System from Warmup is a thin, durable, no screed required, adaptable hydronic system. Working with screed leads to a messy and time consuming installation. With Total-16 you eliminate this unpleasant stage, consequently reducing time and cost from the floor creation process. As the system does not need to heat the screed, Total-16 is able to heat up a room in minutes not hours.

Total-16 comprises of three modular boards – straight, return, and multi-feed. The straight boards come complete with pre-installed aluminium heat diffusion plates. At only 16mm thick, with a 12mm PEX-A pipe, the system will have minimal impact on floor levels. This makes Total-16 ideal for retrofitting, and installations to off plan specifications. With the three boards weighing a total of only 1.7kg, the system is lightweight and easy to handle, allowing for rapid installation. The high density, moulded EPS supports up to 40 tonnes per m², making light work of heavy loads.

In line with Warmup’s practice of offering the best warranties and guarantees, Total-16 comes complete with a Lifetime Warranty and SafetyNetTM Installation Guarantee. This guarantee means if you accidentally damage the system during installation, Warmup will replace it free of charge!

When selecting a thermostat to control the Total-16 Low Profile System, Warmup’s 4iE Smart WiFi Thermostat is the perfect solution. The 4iE offers your customer energy saving advice based on our market leading R&D, following the on screen tips can save homeowners up to £200 a year on energy bills. Further savings can be achieved when switching energy suppliers based on the better energy tariffs identified by the 4iE.

To receive more information or a quotation, please contact Warmup.

T: 0845 345 2288 or visit