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Equipment at the cutting edge of design

Bellota: a world-wide leader in tools Bellota manufactured its first tool over 106 years ago.  Today, the company is an international Group that operates all over the world, offering solutions in the agricultural, gardening and building sectors. Bellota manufactures its products in ten manufacturing … Continue reading




Plasplugs launches Compact XL cutter

Plasplugs has launch a new tile cutter, the Compact XL.  This new model has a hi-torque, no-stall motor, no-mess water recirculation system and mitre guide for 22.5 degree and 45 degree cuts. It cuts both … Continue reading



“Most of us would agree that it is best to try to sell goods that your customers actually want but how do you go about assessing what that actually is?  Do you conduct market research or simply go on gut feeling by imagining what your typical customer is likely to buy? Some researchers at Imperial […]

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