TT Trims offers aesthetic and practical edge detail solutions

TT Trims offers aesthetic and practical edge detail solutions

October 2017

Following the launch of TT Trims, Aquacut group now comprises three distinct but related divisions.

Aquacut is a processing company that creates beautiful, as well as functional, building finishes from tiles, stone, metals and other materials.  Aquacut ( offers a wide range of services including waterjet cutting, bullnosing, step and riser cladding, swimming pool features, and corporate logos.

Tilers Tools ( is the UK distributor for Raimondi SpA of Italy.  Raimondi design and manufacture high quality equipment, tools and consumables for professional tilers, landscapers and builders.

TT Trims (, the most recent division, is the UK distributor for Profilitec SpA.  Profilitec design and manufacture high quality trims, profiles, wet room systems and accessories for the building industry: as well as expansion joints, transition strips, and floor and step profiles.

Stuart Middleton, Aquacut’s Managing Director, says: “The three divisions of Aquacut group gives us much wider scope to serve our loyal clients with high quality services and products.”

TT Trims is the exclusive distributor of Profilitec’s trims, profiles and wet-room systems throughout the UK and the Republic of Ireland.  Profilitec’s products are valued by architects, designers, tile suppliers and building contractors around the world. Consequently building professionals value the design and build quality giving their projects a lasting impression.

“TT Trims is staffed by people who have hands-on experience working in the industry, so we can be relied upon to give informed advice when asked,” explains Middleton.  “We work closely with building specifiers thus ensuring their specifications are less susceptible to substitution with inferior products.”

TT Trims offers a selection of matting products for professional installers to achieve waterproofing, reduce structural deterioration from lateral movement, and insulation for a variety of surfaces in tiles, stone and wood.

It also has an extensive range of technical skirtings that provide an alternative to traditional wood and ceramic profiles.  Designed to provide functional solutions while maintaining aesthetic appeal, the skirtings are durable and resistant to damp. The aluminium range of skirtings provides the additional benefit of hiding low voltage cabling such as telephone, TV and computer wires.

The range of dual-coloured skirtings offers many options of colour combinations, providing a match for almost any interior.  Also available is a range of co-ordinating dual-coloured wall protection strips that provide a barrier against damage from both wheeled and pedestrian traffic. The new Plano Design has revolutionized the concept of skirting.  Developed to be installed as part of the wall, it gives a fully co-ordinated finish to both the wall and floor and becomes an integral element of the design.

TT Trims have a range of trims for interior and exterior applications in both the contract and domestic markets.

Keracorner provides corner edge protector for wall coverings. A complete series of corner profiles is available, offering protection for the most exposed parts of the walls. Mainly used in commercial and industrial areas where intense transit occurs, these profiles are available in different sizes, materials and finishes to meet all possible technical needs.  Keracorner can neatly cover chipped tiled corners and is supplied with self-adhesive glue strips that help absorb shock impact.

Roundcorner is a rounded corner stainless steel profile purpose-designed for the protection of ceramic wall coverings.  Installed during tiling, it provides a precise and neat finish at the same level with the tiled covering. Roundcorner meets public buildings technical and safety requirements; and norms mandatory in hospitals, public and food processing plants and other required areas.

TT Trims’ Filojolly trim is an outstanding product with a minimal profile for joining and finishing external corners with an extremely reduced section.  It is thus the ideal solution where a trim is necessary but a minimalist look is required.  Conceived for mitred tiles cut at 45°, or for vitreous mosaic, the profile shape lends itself to a ‘countersunk’ edge design that will protect fragile edges.

Sanitec SB 12 is a hygienic corner cove profile for use between wall and wall, or wall and floor.  It can also be used to connect a bathtub rim or shower tray to countertops or walls, in place of the mould-resistant silicone products that are usually used in the application.  It thus obviates the potential problem of silicone yellowing with age or dirt discolouration.

Interjolly profiles optimize the corner joining of the tile covering between floor and wall, while leaving the necessary space for the expansion with adjacent walls.  This profile has a perforated flange which is applied under the tile.  It can also serve as a cove base for shower tray and bathtub perimeter so to avoid the silicon lining which inevitably turns a yellow unaesthetic discoloured tone in time.  The moulded cove base made with the application of the profile makes every internal corner and crevice extremely easy to clean and therefore more hygienic.

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