Tranquil Dawn is named Dulux Colour of the Year 2020

Tranquil Dawn is named Dulux Colour of the Year 2020

October 2019

Every year Dulux paint colour specialists at the company’s Global Aesthetic Centre assemble a team of top international design experts to discuss the new global trends that will affect us all.

The company’s design team then work on transforming these insights into one key paint colour trend that will have an impact on homes all over the world.  Dulux then creates four  palettes around the Colour of the Year, designed to offer a mood and style to suit everyone.

As 2020 is the start of a new decade, it is a fresh start: a new dawn.  In an increasingly hectic and digital world, Dulux believes that there is a desire for meaning and kindness.  So, inspired by the colours of the morning sky, the company’s colour experts have created an inspiring new shade; Tranquil Dawn.

This versatile colour of 2020 is said to seem to change according to the tones with which it is used.  This means that it can work in different ways in a warm, neutral, soft, or bright palette.

Tranquil Dawn sits somewhere between green, blue, and grey – just like the fleeting beauty of a morning sky – making it the perfect 2020 colour trend.  This is also a tonal area that has been much in evidence at global tile shows through 2019.

As part of the marketing campaign surrounding the announcement of the Colour of the Year, Dulux has explored the varied ways that Tranquil Dawn can be used to transform homes.

One option is to pair Tranquil Dawn with soft sandy tones.  Dulux has illustrated this by creating a laid-back living room concept.

This underlines the fact that, unlike other shades of Dulux green paint, Tranquil Dawn seems to subtly shift its tone depending on the shades with which it is combined.

In this instance, when used with a sandy tone, it creates a relaxed and nurturing space for focusing on wellbeing and positive interactions.

In the Dulux example, comforting fabrics, cushions and throws, warm woods and mood-boosting indoor plants are used to complete and accessorise this light and airy look.  Here the palette pairs Tranquil Dawn with two complementary shades: Dune Grass, and Fossil Hunting.

UK tile retailers will be impressed by the way that bright shades bounce off classic black and white in Dulux’s exemplar 2020 colour trend kitchen.

This kitchen features a cool, confident look where graphic black cabinets, contrasting white tabletops, and a vibrant yellow wall stand out against a calmer strip of Tranquil Dawn.

In this mix, the Colour of the Year takes on an offbeat pastel effect, bringing a greater depth to the look.  With colourful furniture and playful accessories, the mood is upbeat and sunny: again something that has been much in evidence at 2019’s design exhibitions.

In this roomset, Tranquil Dawn is paired with Violet Storm, Citrus Zing, and Basically Black.

Tranquil Dawn can also be used to help deliver a calm and tranquil bedroom; a perfect antidote to hectic modern living.  In this design, everyday hustle and bustle has been pared back to the beautifully simple essentials.

Walls are painted in Tranquil Dawn, which takes on a muted minimalist effect when combined with a wall and ceiling painted in the same tone, acting as a frame and canopy to the bed.

Elemental materials - including linen, wood and marble left in their natural state - create a room for rest and renewal.

This room features Tranquil Dawn alongside Damson Dusk, and Cobalt Night.

In contrast to the earlier Hygge living room vibe, Tranquil Dawn can equally well be used to create a warm and expressive living space.  Here rich and saturated Dulux green colours, including leaf green, and teal, are subtly combined to create an intense mood.

Tranquil Dawn takes on a calming role in this palette, providing a pale contrast shade that brings balance to the look.  

With hand-crafted wicker, mouth-blown glass and floral motifs, this room offers a way to reconnect with the past but in an up-to-date setting, creating a cosy and inspiring atmosphere.
This roomset features Tranquil Dawn paired with Neptune Seas, and Forest Shade.

Commenting on the choice of Tranquil Dawn. Sam Wood, Studio Manager at Material Lab, says: “Dulux Trade is a partner of Material Lab and, every year, we eagerly await the unveiling of its chosen Colour of the Year and corresponding palettes.  The selection for 2020, Tranquil Dawn, is a cooling, calming tone that we feel mirrors both the 'outdoors in' trend, and the general societal need for spaces that promote greater wellbeing.”

"In an increasingly switched on world, commercial and residential spaces are leaning towards creating places of sanctuary.  From the office to the hotel lobby, more comfortable furnishings are being introduced, contributing to an overall relaxed ambience.  Tranquil Dawn complements this movement in a fresh and contemporary way."

A team of expert judges that includes former editor-in-chief of Elle Decoration UK, Michelle Ogundehin, and Heleen van Ghent from paint company Akzo Nobel's global aesthetic centre, helped Dulux name the 2020 colour.

The panel considered technological developments, such as robotics, big data, and artificial intelligence, which Dulux believes is making the human experience "more chaotic."

"At the start of this new decade, the panel identified that the world has a growing desire to understand what makes us human," said Van Ghent.

"Against a background of increasing technological power, we want to understand our place in society and how we can make a positive impact on it."

While Tranquil Dawn reflects a desire to feel more human, this green hue is also meant as a nod to elements of the natural landscape.

Dulux's UK Creative Director, Marianne Shillingford, compares the colour to "the space between the land and sky".

"A new decade heralds a new dawn and the hazy pale green tones of Tranquil Dawn are calming and comforting just when we need it most in our lives," noted Shillingford.
Tranquil Dawn follows in the footsteps of Spiced Honey, which was Dulux's Colour of the Year in 2019.  

Spiced Honey is a warm, orange-brown hue. The paint brand also created a complementary colour palette called Dream as part of its trends forecasts for the year.

Comprised of off-whites and soft beiges, the palette was intended to be "perfectly suited to the cold, wintry tones of the weather outside, allowing users of any space, room to let their minds wander."

These two tones should help UK tile retailers to not only select new tile ranges with commercial potential, but also to display and accessorise their existing portfolio so that it will chime with the current design zeitgeist.

It is striking, when you review the past two decades of colour predictions (Dulux’s Colour of the Year has now been running for 17 years), to see a noticeable progression from bold, saturated shades – such as the bright red Tea Dance in 2012 and the purple-blue Indigo Night in 2013 – through to the more muted hues that have come to prominence in recent years.

Tranquil Dawn is a soft, serene green; a fresh ‘grown-up’ pastel that can be teamed with on-trend saturated tones, such as black and deep petrol blue, and yet can also pair perfectly with neutral oatmeal tones, dusky pinks, and lilacs: all key colours throughout next year’s interiors trends.  It is colour well worth considering for the next showroom refresh.

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