Taking advantage of stone’s texture and tone

Taking advantage of stone’s texture and tone

June 2018

Matt Lee of Realstone Systems offers five simple yet effective ways in which natural stone features and feature walls can be used to add visual interest and excitement to home interiors.

In many ways, stone is symbolic of home comforts.  Because of our deep roots in using stone to create shelter, this timeless material conjures feelings of safety, security, stability and longevity: feelings that are also deeply connected to the home.

Nowadays, stone has become a powerhouse design material that can provoke those same comforting vibes, while also demonstrating stellar aesthetic appeal. Simultaneously stylish, sophisticated and cosy, stone décor offers a multitude of options for perfecting the interior.  Home owners who are considering redesigning their living space, may benefit from being urged to consider the possibilities offered by contemporary stone accent walls.

Distinguished stone columns
There are many fresh ways to use stone as interior décor, and you don’t need to rely on plain, traditional applications.

For example, it is possible to transform this classic building material into a contemporary feature by adorning a mid-room column with stone accents. Reminiscent of the impressive architectural antiquity of the ancient Greeks and Romans, stone accent walls that are paired with a stone column can create excellent balance and visual unity within a room.  When applied in a light colour tone, stone accent walls and columns produce a beautiful contemporary vibe while still articulating the architectural splendor of this building material’s classic origins.

Harmonised textures with double stone
The intricate block stacking of stone can allow a stone accent wall to express stunning visual texture, even in a monochromatic colour scheme.  When partnered with a similarly textured feature, the result is mesmerizing.

To achieve a contemporary look, commit to a neutral colour palette, such as off-white, greyscale or light beige, and integrate double stone accent wall features. This could consist of two walls that are offset, or a single wall that is visually segmented.  The similar colour and variation in texture will create a remarkable effect: perfect for a contemporary living space.

Veneer stone fireplaces
Another option for producing a contemporary atmosphere is to transform the hearth into a breathtaking fixture by installing veneer stone around the fireplace. Often, homeowners assume that if they’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, they may as well focus on its functionality.

However, a fireplace can be so much more than a practical feature. By choosing veneer stone for the fireplace, you can indulge in all the enjoyable benefits of a cosy fire while also creating a soothing environment for ultimate relaxation.

Nothing makes a winter’s day seem more attractive than a gorgeous fireplace decked with stylish stone.

Stone mood lighting for a spa-inspired shower
Another contemporary approach for integrating stone décor is by creating an ideal oasis within the bathroom, shower and vanity room.

With this thoughtful design, you can indulge in the luxurious setting of an upscale spa without setting foot outside your own home! Stone accent walls can be integrated into the bathroom and shower space to create an ultimate ambiance of tranquility. For additional serenity, install subtle mood lighting or a ledge for candles so you can admire the mesmerizing visual texture of stacked stone in a soft light.

Terracotta stone accent walls
When it comes to designing your ideal stone accent wall, there are many colour schemes available. While neutral palettes typically suggest a contemporary feel, the upbeat colour mixtures featured in terracotta can also achieve a trendy tone more representative of a youthful lounge, classic pub or hip hangout space. The careful composition of brown, slate and beige hues makes the terracotta stone accent wall easy to match with accompanying décor.

There are many options when it comes to integrating stone accent walls into your home. Whether you’re looking for a serene escape in a spa-like setting or trying to create a cosy atmosphere for loved ones to gather, you can achieve remarkable results with this natural building material.

Consider these contemporary stone accent wall ideas the next time you plan a remodeling project, and enjoy the harmony of rustic allure and sophisticated style!

About Realstone Systems
Based in Troy, Michigan, USA, and with regional offices in Denver and California, Realstone Systems is a  leading international supplier to the building industry of high quality, innovative, and affordable natural stone solutions to the building industry.  The company has built its reputation on product innovation, quality, and exceptional customer service, coupled with a committed channel of re-sellers that share common values.  The company’s mission is to enrich home owner’s environments through innovative use of distinctive natural stone products.
More at: http://www.realstonesystems.com

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