Palace Chemicals provides tiling specification for refurbishment at Beesley & Fildes Builders Merchants

Palace Chemicals provides tiling specification for refurbishment at Beesley & Fildes Builders Merchants

September 2017

By Michele Costigan, Technical Product Manager.

Beesley & Fildes Ltd were first established in 1820 and it has taken nearly two hundred years to turn the once small family firm into the large enterprise it is today.

Robert Beesley, himself a master painter, plumber and glazier, first set up shop in Prescot supplying local tradesmen.  He was joined by his son, James, and the business grew from strength to strength.  It was in 1887, after James’s passing, that his own sons, Joseph and William, took over the family business.

After WW1 William’s son, William-Joseph, asked his brother-in-law James Fildes, an expert craftsman and grainer, to join him, thus the name Beesley & Fildes came into being.

Beesley & Fildes remains a family-owned business and consists of nine branches located throughout the North West of England.  With their continual growth and expansion, they now offer customers the ability to trade online.

Palace Chemicals, a family-run business themselves who will begin their 40th year of trading in Merseyside this September, were contacted by Beesley & Fildes for a tiling specification.

Palace Chemicals offer an extensive range of products for the tiling industry including; waterproofing, levelling compounds, tile adhesives, grouts, sealants and tile aftercare products, which are distributed across the whole of the UK.

The floor area at the Warrington branch has been extended by approx. 50% and the concrete was poured and cured ready to receive the new tiles.  As with many concrete floors, the floor had to be made level to receive the large format tiles.  After the concrete was thoroughly cleaned and all dust removed, it was primed with Palace Tilers Primer diluted 2:1 with water and allowed to dry.

The floor was levelled using Palace Fast-Flex, which was chosen for its rapid set time and the ability to allow up to 25mm in one application.  With its built in polymer it allows application over a comprehensive range of substrates, including suitably prepared internal asphalt and timber without the need for a separate latex additive.

The next day the 600by 600mm ceramic tiles were fixed using Palace Easi-Flex which also contains built-in polymers with extended working time, thus making it the kind of easy- to-use, high performance, general tile adhesive that contractors prefer.

The Raimondi Levelling System was used for a professional finish, ensuring that the floor surface was lippage-free.  This time saving system helps adjust the height of the tiles and evenly holds their edges throughout the adhesive drying process.

The tile joints were grouted with Palace Colour-Lock Grout which incorporates the latest Aluminate Technology and ensures the original colour selected remains ‘locked in’ as a permanent shade in harmony with the surrounding tiles.

The perimeters were sealed with Palace Colour-Lock 100% Silicone Sealant.  It is the perfect cartridge-applied solution to ensure perimeter or movement joints completely co-ordinate with the chosen shade of Palace Colour-Lock Grout.  It is safe for use with natural stone, as this 100% neutral cure silicone composition is free from any plasticisers or solvents, which can stain the surrounding tile or stone.
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