Palace Chemicals is on the level with historical project in Castle Donington

Palace Chemicals is on the level with historical project in Castle Donington

January 2018

Palace Tilers Primer, Fast-Flex Floor Leveller, Palace Trade-Flex Adhesive and Palace Colour-Lock Grout have been used at an historical tile project in Castle Donington, which saw the transformation of an Eighteenth- century cottage brought up to date in a striking transformation.

The week- long project, undertaken by World of Tiles based in Bondgate, Castle Donington, was headed up by the company director, John Hambleton and saw a 16.5 sq. metre space revamped using Marazzi’s porcelain wood-effect tiles.

“We were approached by the owners of the cottage to replace the flooring in the hallway which came with a unique set of challenges for us as a team, partly due to its age,” explains Hambleton.

“This tile installation went with the contour of the floor, but it took us two days to prepare the surface, which was primed with Palace Tilers Primer and levelled using Palace Fast-Flex Floor Leveller.  We kept to our schedule due to the fast setting properties of the leveller, which allowed us to commence the tiling installation the next day.”

On the steep slope of Bondgate, where the property in question is located, there are many important sub-medieval and later buildings, including the Grade II listed Baptist Chapel of 1774.  Fewer buildings occupy this side than previously, as groups of cottages from the early nineteenth century have been cleared.  On the eastern side of Bondgate, the terraced properties of red-brown brick construction largely date from the nineteenth century.  The cottage in question is a great example of this unique style of property in the area.

Many of the earliest domestic properties, with their timber frames, still exist; in addition to several of cruck construction.  Many large red brick homes from the eighteenth century also still exist, which were once built for the areas factory owners, prosperous farmers and growing professional class.  The area boasts a variety of homes from different eras, and each one makes use of individual features, making the area extremely popular area with investors and property owners today.

“The properties located in Bondgate, Castle Donington are all unique and date back to various historical periods,” says Hambleton, “meaning that any tiling installations need to consider uneven floors, which often slope between rooms.”

“The tiling installations may be challenging.  However, using Palace products gives me the confidence knowing there will be no problems and the projects will be completed on time to high standard”

Products used
Palace Tilers Primer: A multi-purpose, co-polymer primer, bonding agent and sealer designed to improve adhesion strength and long-term durability of the bond between levelling compounds and tiling adhesives with the background substrate.

Palace Fast-Flex Floor Leveller:  A fast-setting, floor smoothing underlayment giving a consistently level screed up to 25mm thick.  Its built-in polymer allows application over a comprehensive range of floor surfaces, including mastic asphalt, plywood and dense impermeable surfaces and it can also be used to level over heated sub-floors and under-tile wire mat systems.

Palace Trade-Flex: The adhesive used as part of this installation was Palace Trade-Flex which is a fast-setting polymer-modified adhesive for plywood and heated substrates. The cement-based, polymer-fortified, thin-bed ceramic wall and floor tile adhesive is available for fixing ceramic and porcelain floor and wall tiles, including mosaics and porcelain, making it ideal for the 236 porcelain wood-effect tiles that were fixed by the team at World of Tiles.

Palace Colour-Lock Grout: The grout used was Palace Colour-Lock in Latte, which is a fast-setting, polymer-fortified, mould-resistant grout based on lime-free binder technology to ensure the finished colour shade is consistently achieved without being affected by efflorescence or shade variation.  It is available in a range of 11 colours for wall and floor tile joints up to 20mm wide.  Palace Colour-Lock Grout is recommended when fixing tiles in locations, such as over plywood and heated sub-floors.

“We are a family run business with a great reputation in the area, trading for more than 23 years,” concludes Hambleton.  “I started my professional career in the distribution of tiles, and went into retail from there.  This week we have launched our very first app, which is an exciting time for us as a business.  Customers will be able to view our full brochure, and product list, which will in turn reduce our carbon footprint.“

Hambleton has a long-standing relationship with Simon Clough, Sales Director at Liverpool-based Palace Chemicals Ltd, who supply World of Tiles with over 15 products from the company’s portfolio including tile adhesives, grouts and levellers, making Palace the staple product brand for World of Tiles.
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