Magix: Practicality with great performance

Magix: Practicality with great performance

September 2019

Tilemaster Adhesives’ Magix adhesive offers practical and performance benefits for all types of tile installation.  For fixers installing XXL porcelain tiles, these benefits centre around weight and wetting out properties - and Magix helps overcome a number of specific challenges.

Magix has a revolutionary high-yield formulation; a 10kg bag covers the same surface area as a traditional 20kg bag of sand / cement based tile adhesive.  Also, while a standard 20kg bag of adhesive weighs around 25kg once mixed, Magix weighs in at just 14kg.  As well as being easier to store and transport - and lift and carry on site - there is also less weight of product on the back of the tile and less substrate strain.

Magix is also quicker and easier to mix, to trowel onto substrates and onto the back of tiles.  Its exceptional wetting out properties also make it easier to fully bed in XXL format tiles, on both walls and floors, and to achieve full coverage and greater bond strength.

Other benefits include unrivalled slip-resistance properties.  Large format porcelain tiles can be applied to wall substrates without the need for battens – and Magix still provides adjustment time for levelling up rows of tiles once installed.   

Tilemaster Magix is offered as Magix-R - a rapid setting product that can be grouted after 3 hours - and Magix-S, the standard setting equivalent which offers a 3-4 hour bucket life.

Tilemaster Magix is S1 rated and is suitable for installing ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tile installations onto solid substrates and substrates with limited movement and/or vibration - including plywood overlay and underfloor heating systems.

It can be used internally and externally, and is suitable for areas subjected to prolonged wet conditions such as showers, wet rooms and swimming pools.
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