It’s all in the mix

It’s all in the mix

August 2017

Kerakoll acquires Tilemaster Adhesives
The hot news in the UK tile adhesive sector is that Tilemaster Adhesives has been acquired by Kerakoll.   Following the acquisition, the two brands will continue to run separately, in order to continue building and progressing both brands.  Tilemaster’s Managing Director, Mark Kelly, and the rest of the team – including Paul and Rhona Kelly – will continue in their roles, with “business as usual” at the Lancashire-based firm.

“It’s been an incredible journey at Tilemaster over the last few years and our family has taken the decision to sell the company to Kerakoll, in order to take our journey to another new and exciting chapter. 

Time spent with the Sghedoni and Kerakoll family over the last few months has shown that our families and companies have many similarities and synergies; it was clear that Kerakoll is the perfect fit for Tilemaster Adhesives to work with, to continue the growth of both companies.  It shares the same values, ethos, motivation and customer care as we do – and an absolute commitment to customers.  Working together will provide us with a wealth of experience and investment to ensure that we continue to maintain our high levels of product innovation, product performance, service, support and care for our customers,” explained Tilemaster’s Mark Kelly.  

“We’re delighted about the acquisition of Tilemaster Adhesives; the company has grown considerably in recent years and is incredibly well thought of by the industry, in terms of its product innovations and customer service.  The acquisition establishes Kerakoll Group as a market leader in the UK tiling and flooring industry – and it’s just the beginning.  Over the next four years, we plan to invest £30 million to expand the production plant in Leyland; identify an additional UK production site and construct a new research and development centre, as well as new offices.   Product ranges will also be extended and new Kerakoll technologies introduced,” stated Gian Luca Sghedoni, CEO at Kerakoll.

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David Hackett heads up Building Adhesives
In late 2016 Building Adhesives Limited appointed David Hackett as General Manager.  Formerly Sales and Marketing Director, Hackett assumed full responsibility for the day-to-day running of the business.
The role of Sales and Marketing Director will remain under Hackett’s control to continue an active day-to-day involvement in the customer facing side of the business.

Summo is Wacker Polymers’ new President
Peter Summo took over as President of Wacker Polymers on 1st October 2016, succeeding Arno von der Eltz, who is retiring.

After positions as a Sales Manager in England and Executive Board advisor at Corporate Development in Munich, in 2005,Summo took over as Head of the Construction Polymers business unit and was then responsible for the Dispersions & Resins business unit. Since 2013, Peter Summo has headed the Engineering Silicones business unit at the Wacker Silicones division.

BAL adds Find A Tiler feature to You+BAL
Since TSJ’s last adhesive feature, BAL has encouraged tilers and contractors to create their own free web profile and get job leads as part of the manufacturer’s online Find a Tiler facility for homeowners.  Available by signing-up to BAL’s You+BAL partnership programme - - tilers and contractors can create a company profile, post project pictures, upload videos, add social media and contacts and advertise their skills, experience and qualifications to potential clients.
Homeowners looking for a tiler can select up to three local fixers on the search facility and ask them to quote directly for the job using the online form.  The homeowner can then select the best quote, with each fixer notified whether they’ve won or lost the job.
BAL Partners can also collect reviews, with customers leaving their feedback online and rating the tiler using a five star system. These are then published on each tiler’s web profile, subject to approval by BAL.
To encourage homeowners to review their tiler, BAL is also giving them the chance to win back the cost of their tiling work (paid for by BAL) every month by simply submitting their review through the web or the Homeowner Tiler Review form available to all BAL Partners.  BAL also re-introduced the Tiler of the Month competition.

Bond It continues investment programme
Bond It has announced a further six figure investment into its business.  Following investments of over £500,000 in 2014/2015 and of £1.1 million in 2016, the company is investing an additional £300,000 into infrastructure at its main manufacturing facility in Elland, West Yorkshire in Q1 2017.  The latest investment, which includes grant funding from the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership, will help Bond It to both increase and diversify its production output.  This will help the company to accommodate growing demand from UK customers for its ‘Best of British’ manufactured products.  It will also enable the manufacturer to pursue ambitious plans for future growth which include maximising strong export potential.

Bond It will use the latest investment to install additional, state-of-the-art and semi-automated plant to produce sealants, adhesives and fillers in a number of specific pack formats.  This includes product packaged in 900mm composite ‘jumbo’ cartridges and foil ‘sausages’ – two formats which are popular with high volume users such as professional contractors.  The new plant will also be used to produce Bond It’s new and innovative ‘Squeezies’ range.

Peter Bell’s achievements recognised by Ardex
Peter Bell, Managing Director of Ardex UK, Ardex Middle East and Africa and Building Adhesives Limited, has been promoted onto the Ardex Global Management Committee.  As well as his current responsibilities, Bell is also a full board member of the Ardex India business and, after joining the GMC as an associate member on 1st January 2015, has now been promoted to a full member of the highest management tier in Ardex.

Bell first joined Ardex in May 2002, and his appointment recognises his contribution to the Ardex business which, through strong internal growth and a number of successful acquisitions in overseas markets, saw the Ardex Group generate a total worldwide turnover of more than Euro 690 million in 2016.

BAL delivers brilliant white Micromax2 Grout
BAL has introduced a new brilliant white shade of Micromax2 Grout.  Formulated with the same built-in Microban antimicrobial protection for walls and floors, BAL Micromax2 Snow is highly flexible and rapid-setting in only three hours.

Available in 2.5, 5 and 10kg bags, and supported with a colour-matched silicone sealant, BAL Micromax2 Snow provides the perfect match with white tiles, or a contrast with darker shades.  The new brighter shade of white extends the Micromax2 core colour palette to 11, including its original shade of White, plus Manilla, Jasmine, Gunmetal, Pebble, Ebony, Smoke, Chocolate, Cocoa and Anthracite.

Designed and developed with fixers, BAL Micromax2 provides protection against mould and is recommended for domestic and commercial installations due to its enhanced durability and flexibility.  It’s technologically enhanced formulation ensures enduring good look and consistent colour with no efflorescence, patchiness or shading, even across the largest areas.  It’s super smooth formulation allows for easy application into gaps as fine as 1mm, while its strength and flexibility mean it is suitable for joints as wide as 20mm.

BAL Micromax2 is suitable for power showers, wet rooms, heated floors and timber screeds in a wide variety of projects; from domestic bathrooms to leisure centres, shopping centres, changing rooms and restaurants.

New gel adhesives from Kerakoll are set to revolutionise the UK tiling industry
Kerakoll has just launched a new type of adhesive manufactured using gel technology.  Gone are all of the different formulations for different substrates and tile types that exist with standard C2 cement-based adhesives: with Biogel adhesives there are only two choices that have to be made: powder-form Biogel No Limits or two-part Biogel Extreme.  Both of these formulations are suitable for internal and external use on any substrate even deformable ones, and for use with ceramic, stone and porcelain as well as practically any other material.

Apart from the simplicity of choice, the advantages of the range are many: the adhesives stay the same consistency as when you first mixed them, even after a long period in the bucket.  The mix doesn’t shrink, so you can make it the right thickness for the job and it’s softer and easier to work with.  The consistency means that it wets the entire tile as well as the substrate, giving an excellent bond and superior performance.  It is high-grab and no slip even on walls.  And the inclusion of resins gives it a high shear strength which means it can be used on the most deformable substrates.  

The icing on the cake is that this new type of resin has a low environmental impact giving Biogel No Limits a GreenBuilding Rating of 5.  BioGel No Limits is available in grey or White Shock: a white so pure it makes other brands’ white adhesives look grey beside it.  Both Biogel No Limits and Biogel Extreme are available from Kerakoll UK.
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Mapei creates training video for Ultralite
Mapei has launched a new training video for Ultralite adhesive; a range of lightweight adhesives specially formulated for use with large format tiles.  The video shows the step-by-step installation technique for installing large format tiles on to a wall and floor space.

The range of Ultralite adhesives are one-component, high-performance, high yield, flexible and lightweight. Jason Brunt, Mapei’s Product Manager for Ceramic products commented: “At Mapei we understand the reluctance for the installer in fixing these materials, but with good practices and the right adhesive we should all embrace advancement and change.”

With no vertical slip, a long pot life and a long open time, very low VOCs and up to 80% higher yield than standard adhesives, Ultralite adhesives have been specified for a range of commercial and residential projects.

As shown in the video, which can be viewed at @MapeiUKLtd social media, the adhesive is easy to apply by trowel for installation of ceramic, stone and thin porcelain.

Bill Harrison, Senior Technical Advisor for Ceramics at Mapei commented: “We at Mapei are very aware of the greater technical expertise required in fixing such large format, thin porcelain tiles.  We are therefore proud to provide the necessary Ultralite products to enable the fixer to overcome any installation issues and have confidence in what they are being asked to achieve.”
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Level IT Super 30 smoothing underlayments improves efficiency of flooring contractors
UltraFloor has been working alongside contractors to develop products for over 10 years and understand that customer confidence is key when establishing a successful market leading brand.  UltraFloor knows it is important to offer peace of mind which comes from developing innovative products through rigorous testing and has been at the forefront of innovation for over 10 years with the aim to improve contractors’ performance on site.

Level IT Super 30 is an example of how smoothing underlayments have improved flooring contractors’ efficiency.  UltraFloor claim Super 30 was the first ‘level and lay in a day’ product; the first product in the market to offer a 30 minute walk on time that would take bonded floor coverings in three hours and loose lay materials in as little as 45 minutes!  In short, the manufacturer’s claim that Level It Super 30 revolutionised the flooring industry by allowing contractors the advantage of speed.

Another industry favourite is UltraFloor Level IT Two which was developed for commercial and domestic flooring projects.  Level It Two is so popular that, since its launch, UltraFloor has manufactured enough Level It Two to level around the world twice!  

UltraFloor constantly reviews and develops solutions for the flooring industry with Level IT Super Flex 30 is the latest addition to the range.  Super Flex 30 is a two component rapid setting and drying system boasting a fibre reinforced formulation.  Due to a high polymer content it also offers excellent flexible properties and has been specifically designed for use over a wide variety of subfloors including steel mezzanine decks, flooring grade plywood and can also be applied over damp proof membranes.  In addition, Level IT Super Flex 30 can be used as a finished wear surface.
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Norcros Adhesives relaunches 4 into 1 grout range with new formulations and colours
Norcros Adhesives is relaunching its successful 4 into 1 grout range with new improved formulations, new colours, new packaging and marketing support. The Norcros 4 into 1 grouts and sealants range has established itself in recent years as one of the leading ranges on the market, known for technical excellence and ease of use, so the relaunch will be of considerable interest both to fixers and distributors.

The new range has been considerably expanded and now includes a total of 15 colours.  The products have been reformulated to be efflorescence-resistant and water-repellant.  Efflorescence is the movement of salts within a porous material, including tiles and grout, to the surface of the material where it can leave an unsightly deposit.  In some installations it can be a real problem negatively affecting the look of a tiled surface.

The formulation also contains Norcros Stop Mould Antibacterial additives to protect against mould and discolouration, which can occur when wet areas are grouted. This also means that the grouts can be used either internally or externally and in permanently immersed locations such as swimming pools.  They are suitable for use with all types of wall and floor tiles, including natural stone, especially where a narrow fine-textured joint is required.

Containing reinforcing polymers, the new grouts have a high flexural strength, meaning they are suitable for use in areas where movement of the substrate or vibration can occur, such as in heated floors or where tiling has been applied to wooden flooring.

One of the biggest tile trends of recent years has been the escalating popularity of wood effect tiles.  Norcros Adhesives has, therefore, created four new colours in the 4 into 1 grouts range that are specifically designed to complement this new generation of modern tiles: Autumn Chestnut, Forest Acorn, Tropical Ebony and Rustic Cedar.  The remaining colours which formed part of the previous range have all been reformulated, repackaged and, mostly, renamed.  The new names are Arctic White, Oxford Stone, Golden Jasmine, Cornish Cream, Blanched Almond, Sandy Beach, Silver Grey, Steel Grey, Slate Grey, Midnight Coal and Coffee Bean.

“In launching this exciting new range, we have sought to address two key issues,” says Mandy Searle, Technical Services Manager.  “Firstly the issue of efflorescence, which can be an unsightly problem for fixers, for which we believe we have provided a solution by implementing a technical enhancement of the product.  Secondly we have addressed the need to match our grouts to the latest fashion trends in the tiling market, and our new colours for wood effect tiles are our response to that.”

The new 4 into 1 grouts are available in 5 or 10kg bags and are covered by the usual Norcros lifetime guarantee. They are also supported by a new sample folder, PoS material and feature on the new Norcros website at
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Botament formulations demand resin rethink
Until recently, resins had a reputation for being rather stiff and arduous to apply; a strong and unpleasant smell; and having a requirement for additional cleaning time.  Botament says that the latest research and development has unveiled a whole new side to reaction resins, opening up new exciting possibilities.

Reaction resins are currently used when the demands exceed what cement-based systems have to offer.  The most commonly used reaction resins are epoxy or polyurethane-based resins.  These mortar combinations can be set to be leak-tight or to be drainage mortars.  Their properties depend on the type of aggregates, the grading curve and the mixing ratio.

Today’s application methods are incomparable with those used  in the past.  In joint mortars, for instance, special additives mean free-radicals (pigments) are no longer required.  These would otherwise result in more time spent on cleaning the grouting off the tiles, as dark-coloured joint mortars are particularly prone to leaving behind a haze-coloured residue on tiles.  The washing off process now requires only using a hydro sponge and cold water, even when the tiles are dark in colour.

Botament’s Multidiamond range is now are able to demonstrate how much easier today’s tilers will find working with such a resin-based grouts.

Another positive development is that modern resins can be used on damp substrates, because they are able to cope with a higher water content.  This was just not possible with standard reaction resins. 

Substrates and additives had to be dry or oven-dry before the resin could be applied.  Nowadays, products exist that can also be stretched with sand that has a moisture content of up to 4 %, or even higher. 

The good news does not end here: because now tiles can even be jointed where some water has splashed into the open joint during an earlier cleaning stage.

A significant advantage of next generation reaction resins is their ability to re-emulsify in the days following grouting.  So, should there still be a colour-haze on the tile surfaces, it can be removed easily with a diluted vinegar-based cleaning agent, meaning that it is no longer necessary to reach for the aggressive chemical option.

In the past grout played a less important, secondary role.  Today the grout joint is a major consideration that can make or break the overall appearance of a tiled floor. Knowing how colours, colour harmony and colour contrasts work, are an essential skill for any tilers worth their salt: it may mean the difference between getting it ‘spot on’ or ‘totally wrong’

Can a cement-based joint produce the same colour intensity as the tile itself?  When adding certain special additives to reaction resins, it becomes possible to reach deeper colour intensities than was previously possible with joint mortars.  Multidiamond revolutionary colour–fastness is particularly suited to dark tiles.

The high chemical resistance of resins grouts has led to their ascendancy as the preferred choice, especially in areas that previously had the potential to lead to friction between tilers and their customers.  More often than not cement-based joints, particularly in showers, are cleaned trying to adhere to “strict ecological” guidelines but, as a result, joints suffer long term from cleaning agents that are far too acidic.  This can quickly destroy the cement matrix, leading to complaints about the product.  Resins, however, are much more resistant to acidic household cleaning agents.

A final plus resins have to offer is that they don’t contain any water-soluble lime, hence no unsightly efflorescence is created on balconies and terraces!

In addition to the great application properties of modern resins, such as those in Botament’s Multifuge Diamond, users should ensure that resins are suitable for use in such critical areas, as swimming pools or tanks where drinking water is stored.  Guidelines from the German Ministry for the Environment specify that polymers must be safe from leaching out any substances that could be ingested and harm human health.

The list of suitable products available for safe use is being updated constantly and the health and safety standard is being improved all the time. Botament’s Multifuge Diamond and EF/EK 500 comply with the latest guidelines and are meet these stringent requirements.  Besides their use in drinking water areas (KTW), Botament’s resins are equally well-suited for use in swimming pools (KSW).  In order to gain these approval certifications manufacturers have to show that the products don’t promote micro-organism formation.

Next generation reaction resins open up many new application possibilities and offer features against which existing resins available in the market simply cannot compete.  The result is that tile fitters now have plenty of new options at their disposal to add to their existing arsenal.

New epoxy grout from Codex is easy to use and effortless to clean
Codex has launched Codex X-Fusion; a unique epoxy grout which is easy to use and effortless to clean.  With 14 colours to choose from, it also provides clients with a variety of options.  Epoxy grouts are notoriously difficult to use and hard to remove when cleaning but Codex X-Fusion is as simple to use as a cement-based grout.  It’s revolutionary when it comes to cleaning, because it can be easily washed off tiles with water within a hour of being applied.

Codex X-Fusion can be used as a functional or decorative grout for ceramic, porcelain or natural stone floor coverings.  It is fine, pliable as well as water and chemical repellent making it extremely hygienic.  Codex X-Fusion offers all the advantages of an epoxy grout but without their disadvantages, claims the company.

Larsen Building Products publishes comprehensive new 70+ page Specification Guide for Tiling
Larsen has announced that, after many months of hard work across nearly all departments, it has released the company’s latest, and most comprehensive, piece of literature: The Specification Guide for Tiling.
This publication has been designed totally with the customer in mind, from the retail partner to contractors, architects and developers.  It not only helps to promote the whole range, but also provides the most up to date installation and technical guidance.

With over 40 years in manufacturing, Larsen knows the value of high quality literature and point of sale; and also the investment needed to remain relevant in this ever changing and evolving market.
Changes in tile size or even tile types, areas of installation or substrates to fix on have all led to numerous innovations but with this pace of change it is paramount that literature is available to help promote and support the individual products.

“I hope you will see from the depth of this Brochure - over 70 pages - our commitment to the industry as we continue to raise the standards across everything we do,” explains Paul Luff, National Sales and Marketing Manager.

“Literature is extremely important to the success of the range,” continues Luff.  “We continue to see excellent growth and loyalty.  This, in turn, means we must continue to pay back and invest for our customers.  Already this year we have launched two new levelling compounds and a hybrid primer.  We have our 2 in 1 waterproof anti-crack mat utilising all the latest technology launching July 2017 and a very exciting further levelling compound is imminent.  We have also added some ancillary products.  All of this work needs the support of good comprehensive and modern literature.”
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Tilemaster range caters for all tilers’ requirements
Tilemaster offers a comprehensive range of grouts and adhesives, designed to cater for the needs and preferences of tilers and flooring contractors.  All products are manufactured in Leyland, Lancashire, by the UK-based family firm, in accordance with the CE process and to specified EN standards.  Products are available to suit all substrates and tile finishes, from large format porcelain floor tiles to intricate natural stone tiles and mosaics.  They are offered along with expert advice and back-up from Tilemaster’s hands-on team, renowned for its customer focus and support.

Tilemaster grouts include the best-selling Grout 3000 range, which comprises 14 colour options, in traditional shades and new, on-trend tones, including sage, almond, cocoa, natural grey and dark grey.  All shades colour-match Tilemaster’s neutral-cure Silicone 3000+ range.  The grouts are suitable for wall and floor tile installations -  inside and outdoors - and comprise over 25% recycled material.  All grouts are presented in a slim-format quick reference colour chart - with removal strips for colour matching - and a larger A4 colour chart, that includes matching silicone samples.

For adhesives, Tilemaster’s range now includes 13 individual products.  Developed to cater for all settings and location requirements, products span from highly flexible (S2) rapid-set adhesives, for surfaces subjected to movement, to eco-formulations that give an extended open time and provide more than 60% higher coverage.  Fast setting cement-based systems include Rapid Extrabond, Trade Flexi Rapid, Rapid Setaflex, Thick Bed Flexi Rapid, Ultimate and Gypsum-based Anhyfix.  

For longer working times, options include Standard Set, Standard Setaflex, Light Weight Standard, Standard Set Extrabond and Setaflex Semi-Rapid.  

All Tilemaster grouts and adhesives are offered alongside a comprehensive range of surface preparation products.  A complete overview is presented in Tilemaster’s lever arch Product Guide, which includes concise product and application data on robust, wipeable inserts for on-site reference.
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Larsen Primer Grip claims to provide the ultimate mechanical key with speed
Larsen Building Products has strengthened its range of Primers with the addition of the super-fast setting Primer Grip360: a hybrid primer offering the ultimate mechanical key.  This high performance bonding agent was specifically-designed for tiling and flooring installations.  Formulated with advanced polymers and special fine aggregate, it is a universal multi-purpose primer.  It is designed to provide an improved mechanical key to all common absorbent and non-absorbent backgrounds, including plaster, plasterboard, timber, concrete, epoxy DPM, flooring grade asphalt and glazed tiles.  Larsen Primer Grip360 is rapid drying and can be tiled over or levelled in as little as 15 to 20 minutes.

Primer Grip360 is also easy to apply with a standard paint application technique.  It requires just one coat using a short pile roller or brush to give an even coating. Primer Grip360 is tinted Green to give a clear indication of coated areas and should be applied neat from the tub.

Paul Luff, Sales and Marketing Manager, says: “Preparation is always key to the success of installations and priming is an integral part of this important process. In Primer grip360 we have a true hybrid that will actually provide not just the answer in nearly all cases but also a mechanical key for the compound that it will receive.  This is the ultimate goal and enhances the peace of mind of a successful installation.”

“Time can often be a barrier and here we have achieved a 15 minute drying time allowing near instant tiling or levelling,” continues Luff.  “Time on site is so important today and fast track solutions are key.  However performance of product cannot be compromised,” concludes Luff “Here we have achieved both speed and key performance.”
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The future is Brilliant White with Saint-Gobain Weber’s new Weberfix Pro Lite tile adhesive
Weberfix pro lite wall tile adhesive, launched in November 2016, is designed for fixing all ceramic and porcelain tiles in interior applications, and is both lightweight and Brilliant White.  This high performance flexible adhesive, which won the TTA Award 2017 for Innovation, enables extra coverage without increasing the load which is vital in eliminating the effect of any expansion or contraction in the substrate.

“Weberfix pro lite is a very sophisticated wall tile adhesive,” says Tracey Dempster, Head of Marketing, Saint-Gobain Weber, “which has excellent non-slip and very high grab qualities.  It is ideal where extra water resistance is required, such as in wet rooms, domestic and commercial showers, kitchens and bathrooms, but it is equally suitable to dry conditions.  This new product will be supported with 200 Weber Rewards loyalty points. And while we’re making tilers happy with extra points we’ve manufactured weberfix pro lite adhesive in Brilliant White which gives the applicator more confidence when using light coloured tiles or grout.”

Weberfix pro lite adhesive meets D2 TE Classification for improved dispersion and reduced slip as well as its extended opening time which is up to 30 minutes after spreading.  weberfix pro lite is quick and easy to apply and supplied ready mixed in 13kg pails (approximately 10L).  This adhesive requires no priming and is ready for grout in 24 hours.

Weberfix pro lite is manufactured in the UK helping to ensure product quality, uniformity and availability with reduced transportation costs and CO₂ emissions.

Saint-Gobain Weber has a team of experienced technical advisors available to provide advice both at the specification stage and during application.  Detailed specifications can be provided for specific projects; while site visits and on-site support can be arranged on request.
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Larsen strengthens with speed
Larsen Building Products has strengthened the company’s highly regarded range of levelling compounds with the addition of the super-fast setting SLC3015: a single pack, ultra-rapid setting, fibre-reinforced, protein -free underlayment capable of 2 to 15mm in one pass.

It is manufactured using Larsen’s proprietary cement technology, with a controlled blend of special sands and synthetic polymers to give a high quality flooring product which is self-levelling and smoothing.

It is ideal for use in fast track domestic or commercial situations, with a walk on time of as little as 30 minutes and covering from within the hour.  It is also ideal over underfloor heating and timber floors.

SLC3015 can be overlaid with ceramic and most tile types, suitable resilient floor finishes, carpet, vinyl and resin coatings, etc.  It is ideal for many locations including offices, dwellings, schools, hospitals and airports.

Paul Luff, Sales and Marketing Manager, says: “This again shows how Larsen listens to the requests from its customers and reacts, this is another well designed strong performer and an excellent addition to the highly successful growing range.”

“The development team at Larsen has formulated a real winner.  Time on site is so important today and fast track solutions are key.  However performance of product cannot be compromised.  Here we have a product that saves time and also provides an excellent professional finish.”

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In-depth training across all product categories
At the Saint-Gobain Technical Academy in Flitwick, Bedfordshire, Weber’s training programmes embrace all categories in the company’s diverse product range.  This includes tile fixing, External Wall Insulation (EWI), monocouche through-coloured renders, technical mortars and flooring systems.  Courses can be designed to meet product-specific requirements, or to suit different levels of experience and skills.  Many one-day courses follow pre-determined content and are available on scheduled dates throughout the year.

“We understand how important training is for the future of the construction industry,” says James Mead, Technical Director, Saint-Gobain Weber, “and we tailor our courses to meet the ever changing requirements of the industry. Our aim is to bridge the skills divide by up-skilling our customers and we continue to work closely with contractors to create specific courses to meet the requirements of their teams.”

Weber offers a range of tiling courses, suitable for all skill levels.  Popular courses include tiling onto underfloor heating, waterproofing and tanking and levelling compounds.  The Saint-Gobain Technical Academy in Flitwick has purpose-designed practical areas and can provide bespoke training courses on request.

Designed for optimum speed and simplicity of application, Weber’s one-day flooring course is aimed at those using Weber flooring materials for the first time.  These high performance products create a smooth and durable surface that is ready for foot traffic after only a few hours and are suitable for use as floating, un-bonded and bonded screeds.  Product-specific training can also be arranged.

A full programme of courses supports the best-practice application of Weber monocouche renders and render systems.  Repair, protection and strengthening of concrete structures has become a growth area in the construction industry and Weber’s wide portfolio of technical mortar products and systems also feature in the courses.

A free download of the Weber App for iPhone and iPad users is also available from iTunes and from Google Play for Android smartphones and tablet users.  Follow Saint-Gobain Weber on Twitter @SGWeberUK for the latest company news and updates.
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