Fixing underfloor heating: Biogel No Limits and Fugalite Bio

Fixing underfloor heating: Biogel No Limits and Fugalite Bio

September 2018

Kerakoll UK has the perfect adhesive and grout combination to use with underfloor heating, both electric and water-based system.  Biogel No Limits and Fugalite Bio have very low VOC emissions and the grout is hypo-allergenic, so both are also good for the health of the person using them.

The heating system needs to be put down before fixing the tiles.  Keracem Eco is designed to be used to create high performance and heat radiant slabs, and is perfect for use as the screed that covers the heating pipes in a wet system.  What is more it can be tiled on after 24 hours.

A layer of Keratech Eco Flex self-levelling compound should be used to cover electrical heating systems on wooden substrates. This is an eco-friendly product that is easy to lay and can be tiled on after 12 hours.

Biogel No Limits won the TTA Award for Best Innovation this year and is the first multi-purpose gel-adhesive.  It has just one formulation that can be used on any substrate due to the inclusion of new polymers that gives it a high shear strength.  It is easy and pleasant to work with as it stays the same consistency as when first mixed, even after a long period in the bucket.  The mix does not shrink due to the inclusion of a new geo-binder, so it can be made to exactly the right thickness for the job; plus it is softer and easier to work with.  The consistency means that it wets the entire tile as well as the substrate, giving an excellent bond and superior performance.  It also has a very low environmental impact with low CO2 and very low VOC ratings and a large amount of recycled material.  The white version of the adhesive is so white that it has been christened White Shock by Kerakoll.

Fugalite Bio is a water-based resin grout that differs from traditional reactive resin grouts in that it has been tested hypo-allergenic making it less hazardous for the tiler to use.  It is perfect for use with underfloor heating systems as it does not fail when exposed to thermal stress.
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