Earthborn leads the way in contemporary colours

Earthborn leads the way in contemporary colours

June 2017

If you think that today’s interiors are all about shades of grey, be aware that at the cutting edge of design a new palette of accent colours is starting to make its mark.  The latest hues from sustainable coating company Earthborn typify the rich pastels that are now signature shades for the cognoscenti.

Colour consulting seems to many at best a black art, at worst, a shameless self-indulgence.  But whatever you may think of the world’s leading colour experts, notable Leatrice Eiseman of Pantone, do not underestimate their influence.  When Greenery was name Pantone Colour of the Year for 2017 (TSJ, Feb, P46), it heralded a veritable  explosion of newly verdant objects.

In 2017, sophisticated hues have started to take centre stage.  US-based paint company Behr, divides these fashion hues into three palettes: Confident, Composed and Comfortable.

Creative, social types will be drawn to the Confident palette, defined by dusky blues, spicy reds, and lime greens, designed to captivate your attention.

The Composed palette features earthy greens and taupes; appealing to traditionalists looking to create a contemporary space.

The Comfortable range is all about pale pastels, characterised by light pinks, blue, and yellows that make the smallest of spaces pop.  Its muted shades are ideal for more conservative decorators who want to make their first foray into accent colours.

Earthborn, the sustainable coating company, really seems to have caught the zeitgeist with the five new contemporary colours it has just added to its colour compendium.

Sapling is a mellow and creamy green, the perfect pastel for a calming living room or bedroom, and for springing into summer.

Peach Baby will brighten up the day (or the kitchen) with its delicious peachy pinkish shade.

Accompanying these fresh newbies are some stronger, more intense accents that would work well for autumn, including Trumpet and Can-Can.

Trumpet is a deep bluey purple, perfect to take the chill out of the bathroom, whilst Can-Can is a racy, Moulin Rouge red, ideal for kicking things off in the hallway.

Perhaps the most influential may prove to be Hobby Wood: a bold woodland green, ever ready to help bring the outside in, act as a backdrop for orangeries or add a grounded colour pop to any part of the home.

These new hues are ideal for freshing up tile showrooms, and giving tile ranges an on-trend background.  They are available in Claypaint, Lifestyle Emulsion, Eco Chic and a new soon-to-be released formulation: Eggshell No.17. Earthborn’s high performing paints provide a thick and luscious finish while softening the light within a room.

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