Creative progress driven by technology

Creative progress driven by technology

June 2018

Juliet McDonald provides a detailed overview of the latest technical developments and ceramic tile design trends from February’s Cevisama exhibition, held in Valencia.

Spain’s annual tile fair Cevisama  attracted visitors from more than 145 countries and showcased an innovative tile sector that produces in excess of 530 million square metres of tiles a year.  It is no wonder there was a palpable sense of excitement as the latest trends were unveiled in Valencia, providing a good indication of where the tile industry is going next with regard to design trends.

Cevisama is held close by Castellón, the main Spanish ceramic hub famed for its excellent clay and the base for many of the ceramic and porcelain tile factories. Spanish tiles are known for their heritage, but also for their high-performance, quality and sustainability; and these two strands both shone brightly at Cevisama.

The Spanish tile industry continues to grow impressively both at home and abroad. 75% of sales are now made abroad and the UK remains one of the bigger markets for Spanish tiles.

Carefully constructed  
Inspiration comes from many places, but a notable source this year is the construction yard or the skills and techniques used by the building trade.

Whether it’s shuttered concrete, chipboard, plaster, building blocks or just the pattern made on an exterior wall when façade tiles are removed, décor tiles that are reminiscent of these materials or processes exist, creating surprisingly appealing backdrops for both commercial and residential interiors.

Strand by Vives
Porcelain floor and wall tiles in 1,200 by 1,200mm, 593 by 1193mm and 593 by 593mm formats.  Natural, with its chipboard-look design, it can be mixed with décors including Seriaki, featuring zigzags, and Nenets, featuring stripes, in various colours on a chipboard-effect ground.   

Wabi Sabi by Grespania
This complex range features three notably different designs including Concrete, a cement look with a subtle spatulated-effect in a 315 by 1,000mm format.

Formwork by Saloni
The Street Art range from the Formwork collection by Saloni offer rectified porcelain wall tiles, resembling shuttered concrete, in a 450 by 900mm format  and is available in four colourways including the ever-popular Gris.   

Plaster by Roca
Plaster by Roca is a porcelain floor tile range in 600 by 1,200mm, 800 by 800mm and 300 by 600mm and five  colourways including gris, blanco, antracita, arena, and taupe.   

Efeso by Mijares
Efeso by Mijares is a rough-edged wall tile resembling an urban building block in 150 by 300mm and 263 by 475mm formats and nine neutral colourways.
Powder Form by Argenta
Powder Form by Argenta is a range of cement-effect porcelain wall tiles in a 450 by 900mm format and three colourways: Concrete, Plumb, and Snow. Powder Form can be effortlessly combined with other floor and wall tiles in the company’s portfolio.  

Faded splendour
For those who love pattern but want something subtle, the trend for the faded or rubbed out décor tile, where a pattern is often interrupted or smudged, is ideal for adding character to a surface while avoiding the heavy rustification of the distressed finishes that were prevalent in years gone by.  At Cevisama Spanish manufacturers proved very inventive with this trend, exploring the capabilities of digital printing to the full.

FS Briati by Peronda
A porcelain tile range designed by Francisco Segarra, FS Briati by Peronda combines faded and worn patterned décor tiles in a 452 by 452mm format with tonally variegated plain tiles.
A.mano by Apavisa
A.mano by Apavisa is a range of porcelain wall and floor tiles with a modern vintage look.  Manufactured in either 300 by  300mm, 75 by 300mm or 150 by 300mm formats, they are available as Décor or plain tiles in white, Rosso, black and grey colourways.  

Riga by Realonda  
Red body stoneware tiles in a 45cm x 45cm format, Riga by Realonda features 12 designs in Patchwork (four patterned pieces per tile); as well as a grey matt tile in the Concrete range.   

Fading by Kuramoto for Harmony
Fading by Kuramoto for Peronda’s outstanding Harmony Collection comprises porcelain tiles in a 200 by 200mm format with faded overlapping patterns and finishes in five colours and five decors.  This range is suitable for wall and floor applications.

Cottage by Cevica  
Cottage by Cevica features rectified porcelain wall and floor tiles in a 15cm x 15cm format available in beige, earth, red clay, off white, silver and charcoal.  

Endure by Aparici  
Double-fired ceramic tiles in a 2000 by 200mm format with braille-like designs that disappear into a distressed matt surface in six neutral shades

Terrazzo with a twist
Terrazzo has evolved and now features giant flecks, unusual colours or geometric patterns that have been over-layered with marble pieces.

Numerous brands have created designs that nod at traditional terrazzo, but take a contemporary spin. A key development is that it’s now possible to have a larger-format version – even a generous 3,600 by 1,200mm slab – as well as a wider variety of smaller formats.

Of course you can still find plenty of heritage-style terrazzo – a look that typically has tiny chips of marble or stone set in a cementitious ground – but look out for innovations and unexpected developments.

Retrostone by Neolith  
A large format porcelain with a terrazzo-effect in a silk finish, Retrostone by Neolith is available in 3,200 by  1,500mm, 3,200 by 1,600mm, 1,500 by 1,500mm, 1,500 by 750mm and 750 by 750mm formats, and both 12mm and 6mm thickness.

Sweethome by Azteca  
Sweethome by Azteca is a range of rectified porcelain tiles for wall and floor in a choice of four terrazzo-effect colourways, plus a geometric mash-up Susan décor tile. The format is 600 by 600mm.
Agnes by Dune
The Emporio Collection from Agnes by Dune delivers wall and floor porcelain tiles in 12 distinctly contemporary designs and a palette of beige and grey that can be randomly mixed.  A décor tile in a 200 by 200mm format adds choice, and a variety of plain tiles is also available.   

F.S. Rialto by Francisco Segarra for Peronda  
A porcelain range in a 452 by 452mm format, F.S. Rialto by Francisco Segarra is an innovative and contemporary take on traditional terrazzo with large stone flecks in varying colours.  

Atelier by Grespania
The Texture series  from Atelier by Grespania is a porcelain décor tile for walls in a 450 by 1,200mm format that artfully blends terrazzo-style stone chips into a geometric design.
Osaka Multicolor by Vives
Osaka Multicolor by Vives from the Nassau collection of porcelain tiles provides a pastel palette mixed with a geometric design with subtle stone flecks. This design also comes in monochrome. The format is 200 by 200mm.  

Modern encaustics
Cevisama revealed that the hydraulic cement-effect is at its peak of popularity and interestingly we’re seeing lots of modern takes on this, marking a shift away from the heritage feel traditionally associated with this style.

Other variations on the encaustic look combine multiple patterns in an unexpected way such as overlaying motifs on wood grain or adopting on-trend colours such as dusky pink, grey, forest green, denim blue; while a neutral palette offers a contemporary spin.

Stella by Dune
The Minimal Chic Collection from Stella by Dune features porcelain tiles in a soft pastel palette offered in 12 designs that can be randomly mixed on walls and floors in a 200 by 200mm format.  
Miravet by Saloni
Miravet from the Pobles range by Saloni comprises porcelain tiles for wall and floor in choice of five designs including the elegant Miravet, that can be combined with plain tiles in beige, blanco, grafito, gris, and iris to create a custom look. The format is 185 by 185mm.   

Kaleido by Gayafores  
Kaleido by Gayafores is a range of porcelain wall and floor tiles that overlay typical encaustic geometric designs on to a wood-effect ground for an innovative cement and wood mash-up.  Available in two colourways - Mix and Blue - the range is produced in three formats: 165 by 165mm, 331.5 by 331.5mm and 300 by 300mm.   

Cayenne by Mayolica Azulejos,
The Decors range from Cayenne by Mayolica Azulejos, porcelain floor tiles in a 200 by 200mm format, provides a contemporary update on the cement look.
Retro by Ceracasa
The Concept Series from Retro by Ceracasa provides porcelain cement-effect wall and floor tiles in a contemporary neutral palette. The format is 223 by 223mm.
Factory by Cas Ceramica
Factory by Cas Ceramica is a porcelain wall and floor tile in a 200 by 200mm that simplifies the typically bold look of an encaustic mix and offers a more subtle palette of Grafito, Gris and Antracita.  

Degas by Pamesa
The Art Series from Degas by Pamesa is a porcelain floor and wall tile range in a 223 by 223mm format in a restrained yet on-trend  black/white colourway.

Deconstructed squares
Playing around with the geometrical possibilities of the square affords a designer unlimited opportunities to create dramatic effects for surfaces.

Deconstructed Squares are a dominant design trend currently. Whether cut-up and rearranged, scratched with fine lines or pressed into moulds to create dynamic 3D forms, the square tile can be reinvented in countless exciting ways

Tholos by Saloni,
The Olympos range from Tholos by Saloni is a white body ceramic wall tiles that give a soft 3D spin to the form of a square repeated on a rectangular 30cm x 90cm format. Also available are co-ordinating marble-effect porcelain floor tiles in hues of Perla, Gris or Grafito.
Buho by Harmony
A porcelain tile in a small square format of 223 by 223mm, Buho by Harmony comes in four colourways and includes Décor tiles featuring 10 patterns that experiment with the geometry of the square.

Solaire by Luca Nichetto for Harmony
A porcelain wall and floor tiles in four square formats, 900 by 900mm, 449 by 449mm, 224 by 224mm and 111 by 111mm, as well as a L-shaped cut-out, Solaire by Luca Nichetto for Harmony can be mixed and matched in six colours and patterns.

Stripes Mix by Dune
A stoneware glazed tile range that comes in a variety of effects including wood such as Teak, metal and concrete, that all play with the geometry of the square, Stripes Mix by Dune comes in a 250 by 250mm format.  

Concrete by Cas Ceramica
A porcelain wall and floor tile in a 200 by 20mm square format that divides further into four smaller squares with a micro-relief pattern, Concrete by Cas Ceramica is available in three colourways.  

Sabin by Pamesa
The Eden series of white body ceramic wall tiles in a 250 by 250mm format comes in seven colours including Ocean and Blanco.  From the Sabin collection by Pamesa, it is notable for an elegant satin finish.  

White Décor Ramp by Apavisa
White Décor Ramp by Apavisa from Alchemy 7.0 Collection is a square porcelain tile in a 595.5 by 595.5mm format that contrasts hammered and natural finishes with a 3D relief in white, black or blue.  

Groove by Keraben
Groove by Keraben is a sublime rectified white body ceramic Décor tile in 400 by 1,200mm format in a neutral Snow colour.   

Manto by Grespania
Manto by Grespania from the Lavica Series is a full body porcelain wall tile in a 300 by 300mm format available in three finishes.   

About Tile of Spain
Tile of Spain is the voice of the Spanish tile industry, representing more than 100 tile manufacturers. Renowned world-wide for an inspiring blend of aesthetic and technical innovation, Spanish tiles draw on a rich heritage of skill and creativity, while remaining at the cutting edge of design.  Widely available in the UK, these products embody the spirit of an industry that prides itself on proposing beautiful, meaningful and high-performance covering solutions for floor, walls, furniture, worktops, façades, cladding and external paving applications.
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