Building the brand on product choice and service

Building the brand on product choice and service

August 2018

The fast-moving sector of specialist construction boards, including purpose-made tile backerboards, witnessed a highly significant development in November 2017 when The Jackon Group announced the creation of Jackon UK Ltd.  Here TSJ profiles this powerhouse in the backerboard sector.

Back in 2012, TileBacker Limited was established to distribute Jackon’s Jackoboard range of insulated Tilebacker boards and wetroom systems throughout the UK and Eire.  Over the ensuing five years this brand steadily grew its market share on the back of a comprehensive product range, excellent quality, and competitive pricing structure.

Jackon intends to repeat this success with the Group’s other product ranges of XPS (extruded polystyrene) and EPS (expanded polystyrene) insulation products and chose the TileBacker team to facilitate this initiative.  In November 2017 TileBacker Ltd changed its name to Jackon UK Ltd in recognition of the broader range of products and systems that the company now distributes.

The Jackon range of XPS and EPS products covers a wide range of insulation applications including tilebacker boards and wetroom systems, inverted roofs, building foundation systems, wall systems and drainage systems.

When the name change was announced Colin Higham, Managing Director of Jackon UK Ltd, stated: “The investment in, and creation of, Jackon UK Ltd is a tribute to the great success achieved by TileBacker Ltd with Jackoboard, which in just a few short years has taken us to a major position in the marketplace.”

“We are extremely excited by the prospects for further growth of Jackon in the UK, and look forward to working closely with building design, specification, industrial and distribution organisations to provide the product solutions they require.”

“The shareholders and management are thrilled to announce this important step for Jackon into the UK market.  We have cooperated very successfully with TileBacker and Colin Higham for a number of years, and we are confident that together we will develop a strong entity to supply and support current and new customers,” commented Jackon Group’s CEO, Stein Trygsland.

The newly formed commercial team is headed up by Michael Hailwood and he has appointed a number of very experienced ‘industry people’ with a vast array of knowledge gained over many years.

“It is very important to draw on the experience and passion for the tile and bathroom industry that the team offer,” says Hailwood.  “It’s an exciting time for all of us and seeing the team grow and develop will be hugely rewarding”.

Jackon Insulation has been manufacturing top quality insulation materials and construction boards in extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) for more than 25 years, and now employs around 300 people across Europe.  With the production of Jackodur insulation materials and Jackoboard construction boards, Jackon UK has secured itself a strong position for the future in a highly competitive market, and is one of the industry’s pacesetters.

Jackodur is a high-quality thermal insulation material in extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) and is particularly pressure resistant, dimensionally stable, and moisture and rot resistant.  The lambda values of the entire range of Jackodur XPS products are very low, even and especially, with large thicknesses. Thanks to its patented multi-layer technology, Jackon Insulation is currently the only supplier of XPS thermal insulation able to produce thicknesses of up to 320mm.

Jackoboard construction boards are manufactured to the highest of German standards.  They are made of an extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) core with a special cement and fibreglass mesh coating on both sides making them the ideal base for plaster and tile.  They are particularly well suited for use in kitchens and bathrooms due to being waterproof, lightweight, and thermally insulating.

Jackon UK Ltd offers a broad spectrum of Jackoboard shower elements all made up of an extruded polystyrene foam core with a special cement and glass fibre mesh coating on both sides. All Jackoboard shower elements have an incorporated fall making them dimensionally stable, strong and waterproof. Jackoboard’s linear range consists of Jackoboard Aqua Line Pro which has an adjustable frame height from 6 to 21mm to accommodate different tile thicknesses and Jackoboard Aqua Line Easy which has been specifically designed for ease of installation in suspended timber floors.  Both shower elements come complete with a brushed stainless steel drain channel.

Jackoboard Aqua Flat range of low profile shower bases are just 20 and 25mm thick at their perimeter edges and have been specifically designed to be incorporated into wooden flooring which makes them perfect for customers creating wet rooms and walk in showers.

Jackoboard Aqua Reno is perfect if you are faced with a wetroom shower base installation where you simply can’t penetrate the sub-floor. This shower element features an integrated draining system which allows the total installation height to be only 65mm along with a cleverly incorporated unique cut-away section to meet all waste pipe configurations and outlet positions.

Jackoboard Plano Premium is billed as the universal construction board for interior design work.  Its surface can be covered immediately with paint, wallpaper, tiles or plaster, making it extremely versatile.
With its core of extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) and its non-woven coating, Jackoboard Plano Premium is easy to work with, rot resistant and stable.  Its special coating in non-woven fabric means that the board can be covered with practically any kind of material: tiles, wallpaper or paint.  A wallpapered section and a tiled area can, therefore, be created on the same wall with no problem at all.

Jackoboard Plano Premium is insulating, light and solid.  It is thus ideal for cladding walls or floors, bathtubs, washstands and storage solutions, or even for building furniture.  Another advantage is that its tapered edges ensure that the surface is perfectly level once the glass-fibre tape and filler have been applied.  This is essential for a precision finish, whether this be with decorative painting or a thin plaster layer. The new construction board is available in two different formats: 1,300 by 600mm, and 2,600 by 600mm.  The thickness options are 10mm in the 1,300 by 600mm format, and 12.5mm, 20mm, 30 mm and 50mm in 2,600 by 600mm format

Jackoboard Plano Premium weighs approximately 3 to 6 kg per sq. metre, depending on the thickness used.

Contractors and specifiers have the reassurance that Jackoboard products and systems are covered by a BBA (British Board of Agrement) Certificate.  This covers the full range of Jackoboard XPS cored products, including construction boards, shower bases, and sealing systems.  In addition, Jackoboard’s Certificate covers usage of the boards to achieve high thermal insulation values.

With XPS products a particular area of concern is that gases used in manufacture are legally compliant with environmental legislation related to ozone layer depletion.  For all specifiers, this BBA Certificate is an independent mark of quality, safety, reliability and ‘peace-of-mind’; confirming that the product is all a manufacturer claims it to be.

Jackon UK Limited
Unit 5 Ormside Close
Hindley Industrial Estate
Hindley Green, Wigan
T: 01204 221 089

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