Botament’s Airflow range marries traditional techniques with state-of-the-art technology

Botament’s Airflow range marries traditional techniques with state-of-the-art technology

August 2018

Botament’s Airflow is billed as exclusive raw material technology that delivers an easy and smooth application that is world-class.

The feature of Airflow is that it marries traditional techniques with state-of-the-art technology.  Botament believes that the objective of a new technology is to achieve noticeable and demonstrable changes without altering a product‘s previous positive properties.  Botament’s new formulations are said to have created indisputable added value without affecting the range’s core attributes.

Based on natural resources, the new additives used in Airflow technology boast several positive effects.  The resistance of the tile adhesive is clearly reduced during application, which makes applying the adhesive smooth and the whole process easy.  This is due to the uniform structure of the base materials that act just like stacked spheres.  This creates a soft rolling effect during application.  This characteristic, however, is the direct opposite to another important feature required of a thin-bed mortar: stability.  With Airflow another raw material, applied as a second step following the application of the thin-bed mortar, now fills the empty spaces between the spheres, producing an anti-slip surface.  This significantly increases stability due to its rough micro structure.  The result is a family of adhesives that surpasses mandatory standard requirements.

Products with Airflow technology include Botament M 21 Classic; Botament M 21 HP, which has now been successfully tested as a system in conjunction with the Botament AE Sealant and Decoupling Membrane; Multistar; and Multistone.

Botament stresses that the difference to the previous formulation becomes apparent when mixing the product with the stated amount of water now required.

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