7mm Maxi&Thin from Ceramiche Piemme offers reliable and flexible installation

7mm Maxi&Thin from Ceramiche Piemme offers reliable and flexible installation

September 2017

Maxi&Thin is the new mega format from Ceramiche Piemme.  The ceramic panels are 1,200 by 1,200mm yet just 7mm thick.  The company says that this offers perfect installation not only on walls, but on indoor and outdoor floors.

This technical breakthrough was made possible by adopting the latest-generation pressing technology which, by dry compaction of the ceramic material before firing, imbues the slabs with previously unattainable standards of sturdiness and flexibility.

The new ceramic slabs offer high resistance to breaking loads and have such an ability to adapt to temperature fluctuations that they can be used for kitchen worktops, bathroom tops and finishes, as well as external façades and floors.

During installation, the slabs are best handled by two people using suitable devices, such as suction-cup handling bars, to ensure operator safety and material integrity.

To cut the slabs, a flat and stable surface is required, with professional cutting guides and scoring carriage.

It is always best to score the ends of the slab by about 5mm, pushing the scoring carriage from inside towards the outside; finally, apply a constant pressure along the entire length of the cut.

Being devoid of tensioning, the new Piemme Maxi&Thin slabs also simplify cutting-off operations.

The double-spread method (with the adhesive applied both on the floor to be covered and on the back of the tile) is recommended for these large-size slabs.  Fixers should always make sure that the surface to be covered is clean and flat.

Among the equipment recommended by Ceramiche Piemme for large-size tile installation jobs are cutters from Raimondi.
W: www.raimondispa.com
W: www.ceramichepiemme.it

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